After that is made before the heat should only see two sleep better, have not read the book may hurt good.
  Qi Father is the more they want to sink, like a whole person fell into the Bingku, bursts of cold.
  That night no one sleep, the next day near noon, Qi Dahai was back, accompanied by a long road six of the White Cloud Temple, White Cloud Temple quite some way from Sam Ka, nocturnal inconvenience, and therefore arrived at noon.The lead track length was fifty up and down, hair is white, the figure who trained a long road called Wenyu.
  A北京夜网fter a night, Qi Jia yard vegetation withered overnight.
  Livestock huddled lingers.
  Owl Jie Jie doing all.
  Wenyu Road to see the extent of long, Sam Ka Tsuen villagers in case of savior that some are timid yesterday defected to other relatives went to the village, visible panic.
  The six road long line of comparable wind has much pomp, the practice of fasting ritual chanting, Wenyu long road suddenly his eyes wide open, shot naked, after Taomu Jian Qi dispensation directed at the crowd: “bold evildoer, underworld wait, Ann dare attached Yang intercropping to personal chaos.”
  Crowd hum is heard bombing of the pot.
  Qi Jinglun stupid to live, transfixed, for a moment cried out: “You are evildoer, what nonsense you a liar!”
  Righteousness of Wenyu waving a wooden sword provoke Fu Zhi, Fu Zhi no fire self-immolation.Weny广州桑拿u stabbing Qi and ability, it reads: “Cave Hui pay Toru, five Qi steaming.Gold is now the speed of light, covered care live.急急如律令.”
  Qi Jinglun mind went blank, resulting from two decades of martial art system at the moment to play a role in the brain faster than the body move, a flexible Qi and ability to dodge sideways.
  Wenyu turned tip, shouted: “dirty fierce dissipated, always keep track Qi.急急如律

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