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Learn to forgive health companions

Learn to forgive health companions

First, lower blood pressure.

Everyone knows that someone who came out of Beijing opera called “Red Lantern”, a line saying “blood pressure increased, cold hands”, it is a reaction that people often have when they are angry.

If you are angry, and if you are hurting others, you need to check whether your blood pressure is rising.

Experts tell us that once you forgive others for hurting or wronging you, you will not be so angry and your blood pressure will drop.

  Second, reduce stress.

A small-minded person has a lot of pressure. This is because many things are in his heart, he ca n’t talk, and he ca n’t let go. The pressure is naturally a lot.

A person is always under pressure. What kind of state would it be?

Can you be healthy?

If a person is magnanimous and can think of everything, including other people’s harm to himself, then that person must be light.

There is no burden in my heart, life and work will be very happy, and happiness will come to you at any time.

  Third, eliminate hostility.

The word “hostility” is not commonly used. In our words, it is awkward to see everyone.

No one says anything and what he does, he thinks about the disadvantages, as if others always have trouble with him.

Learn to be tolerant, you will not be so hostile towards others, and you will not speak sideways.

  Fourth, control anger.

A few years ago, I met with a few old classmates.

People who haven’t seen each other for many years aren’t hushing and asking for warmth. Instead, they picked up the grudges of the schooling stage decades ago.

Looking at that posture, although decades have passed, the anger has not subsided.

For those facts that are good at forgiving others, let’s not say that what happened a few decades ago is that you can forget everything right a few days ago.

Remember that there are no doubts about unpleasant things, smart people will do their best to find reasons to forgive each other.

  Fifth, stabilize the heart rhythm.

The average person’s heart rate is around seventy minutes per minute.

When angry, especially when arguing face to face, your heart rhythm will definitely speed up, which will increase the burden on your heart.

If one is always unwilling to forgive others for their faults, and is angry, it will be difficult to return to normal heart rhythm.

In order not to burden the heart and to have a generous and generous mind, I think it is better than anything.

  Sixth, stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

We often see scenes where one person is very angry.

How to do?

Severe smoking is one way.

However, most men do this.

Others ran into a tavern to borrow wine to sorrow.

I haven’t practiced it, and I don’t know if tobacco and alcohol can make me relieve my anger or pain.

What if these two approaches have no effect?

Shall the body not suffer the enemy on both sides?

It is better to solve the problem fundamentally.

  Seventh, reject depression.

Unthinkable, people with small eyes are most likely to be depressed.

Learning to forgive will at least reduce many of your frustrating opportunities.If you don’t believe it, you can ask those who have been depressed, their brains are busy all day long.

They don’t think about how to live a good life and how to do a good job. On the contrary, how others are sorry about their own place, they must take out the “sun”, lest they forget it completely.

Such people are not depressed who is depressed?

  Eighth, worry less.

Some people say that it’s good to be a little worried about being appropriate.

However, for those with nominal forgiveness, that worry is not good.

It’s not easy to forgive others for their faults, as if everyone else is having trouble with themselves.

People passed by in front of him and did not say hello to him. He also felt that the other party had opinions on him.

As everyone knows, it was his indifference to others’ “no” that made others less talk, for fear that what was not in place would make his elderly angry for ten and a half months.

  Ninth, less discomfort.

I have a friend who encounters something. If it is caused by himself, he will look for problems in others; if there is someone else’s problem, even if it is a little bit, the noise will endlessly.

I often hear her say that either this place is uncomfortable, it is headache, chest pain, leg pain.

After a long time, she said that there was no place in her body that didn’t hurt.

Such people are very susceptible to diseases, and they are susceptible to diseases related to the “heart.”

  Tenth, expand exchanges.

An open-minded person often has a wide range of friends and too many friends.

You must know that humans, as social animals, must have social contacts in addition to their families; insufficient communication will inevitably affect one’s work and one’s life.

Former US President Roosevelt said: “One of the most important factors in a successful formula is getting along with people.”

In a sense, forgiveness is an important way to gain friendship and gain popularity, an irreplaceable means.

  Eleventh, family harmony.

The most basic relationship of a family is the relationship between husband and wife.

Husbands and wives come from two families with different backgrounds, and many differences often affect their common lives.

The needle point between the couple faces Mai Mang, I’m afraid it won’t last a day.

A healthy family relationship is that members, including husband and wife, tolerate each other, understand each other, and forgive each other’s relative or wrong.

Only in this way can this family be harmonious, and only in this way can everyone in this family be happy.

I am afraid there is no family in the world without contradictions in a lifetime.

If you have a breakthrough, don’t be afraid, forgiveness is the universal key to resolve conflicts.

  Twelfth, mental health.

I remember an expert from a hospital in Beijing many years ago said that many diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and cancer are “heart diseases”, that is, they have a certain relationship with the mentality of people.

Where does human heart disease come from?

A considerable part of it is due to the failure to forgive others.

It can be said that learning to forgive others can greatly reduce the chance of contracting heart disease, and can even tear down hotbeds for many diseases.