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7 common mistakes to coax a baby to sleep

7 common mistakes to coax a baby to sleep

Wrong practice one: shake sleep.
Why do children cry at night? Baby cry, please try psychological treatment. When the baby is crying or sleep is disturbed, some young mothers hold the baby in their arms or shake it in the cradle. The more the baby cries, the more the mother shakes.The more intense, until the baby falls asleep.

  As everyone knows, this method is extremely harmful to the baby, because the shaking motion causes the baby’s brain to constantly oscillate in the skull cavity. The immature brain will collide with the harder skull, causing the small blood vessels in the brain to rupture, causing a “brain tremor.Symptoms “, concussion, intracranial hemorrhage.

  Epilepsy occurs in mild cases, mental retardation, paralysis of the limbs, severe cases of cerebral edema, cerebral hernia and death.

If the retina in the eye is affected, which can lead to amblyopia or blindness, it is a big mistake, especially for babies within 10 months.

  Wrong practice two: prone sleep . prone sleep increases the risk of sudden infant death Foreign experts have found that sudden infant death syndrome is related to sleeping posture, especially the potential danger of face-down prone.

The reason is that small babies generally do not turn over on their own and cannot actively avoid obstacles in front of the nose. Therefore, when the respiratory tract is blocked, they can only absorb very little air and lack oxygen; coupled with incomplete development of digestive organs, when the stomach movesWhen the gastric pressure increases, the food will flow back, and the double already very narrow respiratory tract will cause sudden death of the baby.

  Experts survey that the baby’s safest sleeping position is to lie on his back. Some sleeping positions can make the airway unobstructed, and it is necessary to avoid sudden death of the baby.

According to statistics, the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which has remained high since the introduction of the method of supine sleep in the United States, has fallen sharply, from about 5,000 deaths each year to less than 3,000, which is worth the mother’s pregnancy.

  The third wrong way: light sleep.
Turning on the lights to sleep is not good for children’s health. Some young mothers often turn on the lights in the bedroom all night to change diapers in order to facilitate breastfeeding at night, which has a negative impact on the baby.

  Medical research shows that infants sleeping in an environment where the lights are turned on overnight can cause poor sleep, shorten sleep time, and slow development.

Because the baby’s nervous system is still in the developmental stage, and the adjustment function to adapt to environmental changes is poor, the bedroom is lit at night, which will definitely change the natural law of the day and night of the human body, which will affect the baby’s normal metabolism and endanger growth and development.

  Taking vision development as an example, according to British scholars, 30% of children with small lights in their bedrooms become myopic while sleeping, and the incidence of myopia in brightly lit children is as high as 55%.

  The fourth wrong way: doze off.
Looking at the health from the baby’s sleep Many mothers are worried that the baby may have an accident during sleep, and often fall asleep.

In fact, this just increases the chance of accidents; drowsiness makes it difficult for the baby to breathe fresh air, and it absorbs mostly the dirty air in the quilt, which is easy to get sick; may make the baby develop a bad habit of feeding when it wakes up, which is not easyReplace regularly to prevent the baby’s appetite and digestive function; restricts the baby’s free movement during sleep, it is difficult to stretch the body, and affects normal blood circulation. If the mother sleeps too well, accidental nipples will block the baby’s nostrils, which may also causeSevere consequences such as suffocation.

  Wrong practice five: The reason why the sleeping baby sweats a lot?

  It is mainly seen in the season when the temperature is rising in winter and spring. In order to keep the baby warm, the mother often covers the baby’s head under the quilt, which has two major hazards: the high humidity of the quilt and the strong metabolism of the baby can easily induce “smoldering syndrome”Can cause your baby to sweat and even collapse.

  May cause breathing difficulties or suffocation.

Your baby should keep his head out of the quilt when he / she sleeps to prevent accidents.

  Wrong practice six: hot sleep.
Why can’t newborns sleep with electric mattresses? In order to keep babies warm, quite a few families have bought electric blankets.

As everyone knows, the heating speed of electric blankets is faster and the temperature is higher, which will increase the baby’s insignificant water loss, causing mild dehydration and affecting health.

  Therefore, babies should not use electric blankets.

If you want to use, you must master the correct method, that is, power on and warm up before going to bed, cut off the power in time after the baby goes to bed, and do not keep power on overnight.

During use, if your baby has hoarseness, irritability, etc., it means that the body may be dehydrated. Drink more plain water immediately, usually calm down and return to normal soon.

  Seventh wrong way: naked in the summer, the temperature is high, some mothers will take off their baby’s clothes and pants, leaving the baby naked on the bed in order to cool.

However, the baby’s body temperature regulation function is poor, and it is easy to cool the body, especially if the abdomen is cooled, it will increase bowel movements and cause diarrhea.

To prevent this, you should not sleep naked even in the hot summer. It is best to cover your chest and abdomen with a thin coat or bring a small bellyband.