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Learn about the correct use of makeup cream


Learn about the correct use of makeup cream

It is understood that the reason why there is a makeup cream abroad is mainly developed for foreign weather and skin conditions.

Because women in western countries have faster skin aging, poorer moisturizing ability, and dry weather, if you do n’t apply some cream-like items before makeup, it is likely to make the skin look drier and wrinkles more obvious, so the purpose of makeup cream isMake the skin a little more moisturized by lotion or creamy skin care products; using a makeup cream before applying foundation can make the makeup step easier and the overall makeup last longer and smoother; it has a repairing effect; if it is blended with foundation, it can reduceThe thick feel of the foundation makes the makeup look more transparent.

Of course, according to the further needs of customers, the isolation function has gradually been integrated into the makeup cream, and turned into an isolation cream caused by domestic people.

  Recognize the color of the cream. Consumers who are carefully blended will definitely find that different brands of cream have the same color, but some are very different. In general, there are purple, green, white, blue, and gold.There are 6 kinds of races. In fact, this is the repairing effect of the aforementioned barrier cream.

However, in the face of various colors of cream, some people often mistakenly think that the effect is the same, as long as it is applied to a wooden board, any color of cream is not much different, or there is no difference at all.

Some people even think that it is cosmetics companies that have made so many colors in order to make their products look good and sell well.

In fact, the difference between different colors of barrier cream is quite large.

Take purple cream, for example. The biggest difference is that it can make people with yellow skin become white and tender, and it is also pink.

OK, let’s see what is the difference between the different colors.

  ● Purple: In chromatics, the contrasting color of purple is yellow, so purple has the most neutralizing effect on yellow.

Its role is to make the skin appear healthy and bright, with white and reddish colors.

  Suitable for normal skin, slightly yellowish skin.

  ● Green: In chromatics, the contrasting color of green is red!

Green cream can neutralize the excessive redness on the face, making the skin appear bright and white.

In addition, it is possible to effectively reduce the obvious degree of acne marks.

  Suitable for reddened and acne-prone skin.

  ● White: White is designed for dark and dark skin, dull, unclean, uneven pigment distribution.

When using a white barrier cream, the brightness of the skin increases and the complexion will immediately look clean and shiny.

  Suitable for dull, unevenly pigmented skin.

  ● Blue: It can enhance the skin’s transparency, and it can be used in areas where the skin tone is white or needs to be brightened.

Blue and purple, it can more gently modify the skin tone, make older skin look “pink” natural and appropriate, and the blue modification can make the skin more pure, fair and moving.

  It is suitable for women who are pale, a little unhealthy, older and lack skin color, and have no gloss.

  ● Gold: If you want to have healthy chocolate skin, then the golden cream is the best choice.

In addition, the golden cream can also make the skin black and red, crystal clear and full of vitality!

  Suitable for people with darker races or those who are looking for healthy skin.

  ● Race: Skin tone cream does not have a doping function, but has a high moisturizing effect.

  Suitable for people with ruddy skin and normal complexion, or people who only need hydration and dryness, and who don’t require repair.

  Recognizing that the four barriers of isolation cream are called isolation creams, they make sense.

So, what kind of isolation cream does it have?

  The first isolation function of the cream is to form a protective screen between the skin and the makeup, and provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin before makeup, becoming the first barrier against royal pollution.

  The second isolation function of the barrier cream is to form a second barrier between the skin and ultraviolet rays. Of course, this also requires that this barrier cream has a certain sun protection index.

  The third type of barrier function of barrier cream is to isolate dirty air.

  The fourth isolation function of the barrier cream is radiation resistance.

At present, many barrier creams are rich in antioxidant factors, such as green tea ingredients, which can make the skin safe and easy when facing the computer.