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Men often rub three parts to strengthen the kidney and maintain health

Men often rub three parts to strengthen the kidney and maintain health

Guide: Men as the head of the family, physical health is the root of the family. Men often rub three parts to strengthen the kidneys and maintain health.

Rubbing can be healthy, do you believe it?

Do not believe?

Do not believe you try, men often rub these three parts is good for your health.

Rub your face and rub your face when you are tired. In addition, your face is comfortable, and your eyes are bright, so you feel refreshed.

The benefits of rubbing the face are not only to stretch the facial nerves and expression muscles, but also to prevent facial neuritis, vision loss, and colds.

The weight of your face depends on how you feel, but it should be slightly heavier; the speed of rubbing your face is once per second.

Rub your face 3 times a day?
5 times is appropriate, more than 5 minutes each time, until the ends feel hot and dry.

People with dry skin should not rub too hard when rubbing their face, and don’t speed too fast, so as not to rub the skin.

Rub the lumbar eye and the lumbar eye is located under the spinous process of the third lumbar spine.

5 inch depression.

Chinese medicine believes that the waist and eyes are “with veins”, which is the part of the kidney.

The kidneys are warm and cold, and massaging the waist and eyes can warm the kidneys and yang, and the qi and blood can be smoothed.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rubbing the waist, eyes, and cervix with the palm can not only dredge the belts and strengthen the lumbar spine, but also consolidate the effects of solidifying kidneys and prolonging life.

During the massage, rubbing your hands with rubbing heat, pressing tightly on the waist and eyes, stopping for a while, and then rubbing down to the cervix (Changqiang).

Do 50 each time?
100 times a day, morning and evening.

Gently fist with both hands after rubbing the outside, and use the fists or fists to rotate and massage the waist and eyes every 5 minutes.

Rubbing the feet of the human body above the reflex area on the feet of the feet, often rubbing the feet of the feet can nourish the brain and kidney, nourish soothe the nerves, and promote the effect of activating blood and clearing collaterals.Liver, spleen, gall and other organ parts.

There are two types of rubbing feet: dry rubbing and wet rubbing.

When dry rubbing, hold the front of the left foot with your left hand, and rub it up and down along the sole with your right hand 100 times to make the soles feel hot; use your left hand to rub the soles of the right feet.

The intensity of kneading should be comfortable.

When wet rubbing, put your feet in a warm water basin, soak until the feet become red, and then rub them dry.