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Quick and effective Chinese medicine to eliminate pimples

Quick and effective Chinese medicine to eliminate pimples

The acne flower grows in your whole body. How many girls burst into acne after the festival?

Want to say goodbye to acne face, these simple and effective acne treatment methods quickly learn.

  1. Take an appropriate amount of ground bone acne, bake it dry and grind it into a fine shape, sprinkle it on the place where acne grows, and do it 2-3 times a day.

Under normal circumstances, 3-5 days can be cured.

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It is the fastest and most preventive method for removing acne. Just use the next day as soon as you get acne.

  2. Carrot acne preparation 5000 g of fresh carrots (ten pounds?


Am I wrong or the formula is wrong?

), Cook the carrots, wrap them in clean gauze and take the juice, and then boil it into a paste, and finally apply it on the acne-prone area or the whole face until it is as thick as copper coins (seems like buying ten catties is right), Do it 2-3 times a day.

This method usually heals in two or three days.

  3, yogurt acne thick yoghurt is not always drink clean, it is a pity to throw away directly, used to deal with acne marks!

After dinner, drip the leftover yogurt into a small amount of prepared pearl powder, stir it and apply it on the place with acne marks, and you can go to bed directly, just wash it off the next day.

  4, white sugar + cleansing milk every morning and evening when washing your face, take an appropriate amount of sugar and cleansing milk mixed together, then apply it in water, rub gently, you can see the effect after a week, simple acne, fast and effective.

  5, white sugar + mineral water mix ordinary sugar with mineral water, then massage on the acne marks, two weeks later you can see the effect, acne marks are also effective.

  6. Pearl powder + Vitamin E Mix pearl powder and Vitamin E, and also gently apply on the face and massage.

However, it should be noted that it can only be used for removing acne marks, not for removing acne, and cannot be applied to the entire face to avoid inflammation.

  7, kelp acne eat kelp to prevent acne.

According to medical researchers, there are very few people with tiny wounds in the young people who eat kelp overlap. The reason is that kelp contains higher zinc.

Zinc is an essential trace element in the human body. It can not only enhance the body’s immune function, but also participate in the normal metabolism of the skin, normalize the epithelial cells, eliminate the keratinization of the sebaceous adenosine duct of the hair follicles, and facilitate the replacement of sebaceous glands.

  8. Avoid frequently touching the acne that has grown out or use your hair and foundation cream to cover the rash as much as possible, especially to overcome the bad habit of squeezing and pressing acne by hand, because the bacteria on your hands and the releases on your hair can easily infect your skin.Acne is aggravated, and squeezing and squeezing can cause permanent pitting scars, leaving lifelong regrets.

  9. Clean skin For the oily skin characteristics of patients, take neutral and alkaline soaps in the morning and before bed and wash your face with facial cleanser only for oily skin to thoroughly remove the dust and greasy skin on the day.

In case of face dust, grease, please wash with warm water in time.

It is advisable to wash your face 2 to 3 times a day.