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2015 Sudirman Cup-China vs Thailand Chen Long or Tirindan Women’s Singles

2015 Sudirman Cup-China vs Thailand Chen Long or Lin Linden women’s singles who is the most suspicious
In the 2015 Sudirman Cup mixed team stage group stage, the Chinese team will face the Thailand team at 19:00, and the women’s singles will become the biggest attraction. If Li Xuerui will debut, he will start a revenge battle with Ratzano. Wang Yihan will appearIt is expected to achieve a 10-game winning streak against Ratzano. In any case, the women’s singles will be a hard fight; the men’s singles, whether Lin Dan or Chen Long are in good condition, are expected to add icing to the Chinese team.Li Xuerui Men’s Singles: Chinese men’s singles have Gemini, whether it is Lin Dan or Chen Long, they are all world-class, both of them have the strength to stand alone.Thailand’s men’s singles are also not weak, veteran Posana has rich experience, Tannon Sak is full of energy, and Thailand’s first battle has hidden Posana, and the Tannun Sak who played appeared to lose to Germany’s Zwibler by 1-2., Causing Thailand to lose to Germany with a 2-3 burst, facing a battle against the water.The Thai team is likely to send the famous boss Posana to attack Lin Dan or Chen Long.From the point of view of the record or the recent state, both Lin Dan and Chen Long have the upper hand, and the men’s singles should not contribute to the Chinese team without suspense.  Women’s singles: China’s women’s singles will gather, but after entering the Rio Olympics cycle, the three main players Li Xuerui, Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian have all raised their flags and lost the women’s singles gold medals in the past two consecutive World Championships.Thailand’s sister Latzhano defeated Li Xuerui in the 2013 World Championships and the 2015 Asian Championships. She won no suspense in the women’s singles on behalf of the Thai team. For the Chinese team, Li Xuerui must be in a state of mind if he debuts.There is no advantage in the game. At present, Ratzano has not defeated Wang Yihan. The Chinese team does not rule out the possibility of sending Wang Yihan against Ratzano. No matter who makes the appearance, this women’s single is destined to be a hard fight.  Men’s Doubles: After the Fengyun combination Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng, the competitiveness and strength of the Chinese men’s doubles have been greatly discounted.In the Su Cup, Chai Biao/Hong Wei had a strong desire to fight. Relatively speaking, they are in a better state in the team. In the first game of Germany, Chai Biao/Hong Wei received the opponent’s retirement gift in the first game, and they have not fully adapted.In this game, the Thai combination Issala/Pampepek also defeated the German combination 2-0 for the first time. In comparison, Chai Biao/Hong Wei’s comprehensive ability is more dominant, and they promoted to score a point for the Chinese team.  Women’s Doubles: Women’s doubles have always been the strength of the Chinese team. This time, the teenager Tang Yuanting played equally well with Lao Laoyang. Their score can be described as ten points.In the evening game, the Thai team is likely to send Supaji Gilakul/Tara Tanacha, this pair of average strength, Yu Yang/Tang Yuanting helps to win easily.  Mixed Doubles: Mixed doubles Xu Chen/Ma Jin are the old men of the Su Cup. They have played a pioneer for the Chinese team many times, and they have all accomplished their tasks well.Thailand’s mixed doubles Prapacamor/Walovich Cikul has limited strength, and it is difficult to fight against Xu Chen/Ma Jin.  On the whole, the Chinese team’s men’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles have absolute advantages, and the possibility of winning three points is very high, which also means that the Chinese team is sure to win.The women’s singles battle is the most suspenseful. The Chinese team will be the biggest suspense. The men’s doubles competition is fierce. Chai Biao/Hong Wei have certain advantages, but they should be cautious and guard against unpopularity.  In terms of strategic significance, the Chinese team will win the first place in the two-game victory by winning the battle, so as to join the German team; if the Chinese team loses to the Thai team, then China, Germany and Thailand are 1With 1 win and 1 loss and more points, the Chinese team can still advance to the quarterfinals as long as they don’t lose much.(Autumn Heart)