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Annual reports of 114 companies were ranked on the list for over three consecutive years by “non-standard

Annual reports of 114 companies were ranked on the list for over three consecutive years by “non-standard”

Every trainee reporter Shuai Shuai and reporter Xie Zhenyu every editor Zhang Haini “Only when the tide receded did I know who was swimming naked.

“The words of investment master Buffett are widely quoted in the capital market.

In fact, the annual report, as the annual report card of a listed company, is one of the most intuitive references for “naked swimmers”.

Right now, the disclosure of A-share listed companies’ 2017 annual reports has basically come to an end (only some companies have delayed their annual report disclosure). For listed companies 南宁桑拿 with “defective” financial reports, they will be issued “non-standard” opinions by accounting firms.

“Daily Economic News” reporters found that a total of 114 listed companies were issued “non-standard” opinions in the 2017 annual report, of which 39 were issued “non-standard” opinions for 3 consecutive years.

  The 39 annual reports of listed companies on the list for three consecutive years require relevant audit institutions to issue audit reports and issue audit opinions.

If the quality of the annual report is fully qualified, it will generally be issued a “standard unqualified opinion” audit opinion.

However, the annual reports of a few redundant listed companies will be issued non-standard audit opinions (hereinafter referred to as “non-standard”). These “non-standard” include: unqualified opinions with reminder paragraphs, reserved opinions, negative opinions and unable to express opinions.
  The auditing standards of the “Company Information Disclosure Arrangement Rules for Public Issuing Securities No. 14-Non-standard Audit Opinions and the Handling of Related Matters (Revised in 2018)” no longer include the concept of non-standard audit opinions, but are considered by the CSRCAs referenced by various regulatory regulations of the exchange, “non-standard” is still widely used.

“Non-standard” includes non-unqualified opinions or unqualified opinions with explanatory notes.

The unqualified opinion with a proposed item paragraph is one of the unqualified opinions with explanatory notes.

  ”Daily Economic News” reporters have disclosed the 2017 annual report of listed companies based on Choice software statistics. As of April 30, of the 3,513 A-share listed companies, except for some companies that have repeated annual reports, there are 114 annual reports of listed companies.The non-standard opinions were issued by the accounting firm, including: LeTV, Huaxin International, and Tianma.

Among them, LeTV, Weiming Medicine, Huanghe Cyclone, Shenwu Energy Saving and other listed companies have recently caused public opinion swirls due to certain events or received widespread attention.

For example, LeTV’s related debt issues, Shenwu Energy’s tight cash flow and debt issues, the struggle between Weiming Pharmaceutical and its subsidiary’s management rights, and the struggle between Huanghe Xuanfeng and its subsidiary Shanghai Mingjiang.

  It is worth mentioning that among the 114 listed companies whose annual reports have been “non-standard”, 39 listed companies have been “non-standard” for 3 consecutive years, including * ST Jean, Huangtai Liquor, HengShunzhong upgrade.

  In addition, a rough statistics by the reporter of the Daily Economic News found that many of the above listed companies were “non-standard” for three consecutive years because of the same problem.

Perhaps the average value mentioned for * ST Jean for three consecutive years is the company’s continuous net profit and liabilities, which directly affects the company’s ability to continue operations.

Hengshun Zhongsheng was “non-standard”, which is related to the company’s alleged information disclosure violations-as of 2015, when the 2016 annual report was disclosed, the company was not filed with a final opinion by the Securities Regulatory Commission for investigation; the company received it on October 13, 2017At the Securities and Futures Commission’s “Pre-acknowledgement of Administrative Violations and Market Injunctions” (abbreviated as[2017]No. 101), in the case of a company’s suspected information disclosure violation, it is planned to take administrative enforcement and market injunction measures against the company and related personnel. The company and related personnelProposed considerations for the request for a hearing certificate were contested.

On the date of the final audit report, the company has not yet received the administrative approval decision.

In addition, Hengshun Zhongsheng also mentioned a major operating contract change.

  ”Non-standard” focusing on sustainable management capacity Among the above-mentioned 114 listed companies that were issued with “non-standard” opinions, 56.

14% of listed companies have been issued “unqualified opinions with outstanding matters”; 29.

82% of listed companies are issued with “reserved opinions”; 14.

04% of listed companies were issued “unable (to refuse) to express their opinions”.

From the point of view of the listed companies that were issued with “non-standard” opinions, most of these audited organizations questioned the abnormal financial data, excessive debt matters, and litigation.

  Specifically, 16 companies including ST Carbon, Dongling International, and Huaxin International were issued “unable (to refuse) to express their opinions”.

* 64 companies such as ST Cloud Network, Huifeng Co., Ltd. and Baoxin Technology were issued unqualified opinions with reminder paragraphs.

New and good, 34 companies including Zhongrun Resources and Yuanda Holdings were issued reservations.

  To issue “non-standard” opinions, audit institutions mainly conduct audits from the perspectives of financial indicators, debt repayment risks, litigation, and impairment of goodwill.

In fact, they are not just one of the factors involved in financial indicators, debt repayment risk, litigation, etc., they are more in the form of a “collection” of the above problems.

Only a few listed companies have been issued with “non-standard” opinions because of issues such as impairment of goodwill after mergers and acquisitions, accrual of bad debts, and standard mortgages.

However, regardless of the specific issues mentioned above, the audit institutions that issue “non-standard” opinions are focused on the sustainable management capabilities of listed companies.

  May be due to * ST Zhonghe’s chairman and president performing their duties due to personal events, which led to the resignation of the company’s vice president, independent director, director and secretary of the board, resulting in the company’s board of directors exceeding the quorum.

In addition, the positions of the company’s management personnel and employees leave the company’s internal controls, which may lead to fraud or mistakes and cause major misstatement of the financial 合肥夜网 statements.

LeTV.com involves issues such as accounts receivable and other receivables and does not have sufficient evidence for recyclability assessment.