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See your character by taking off your shoes

See your character by taking off your shoes

Go home from work, take off your shoes at the door, and the placement of the shoes can reflect the central part of your character.

Try it.

  A, the toes line up towards the entrance.

  B, the toes are lined up in the direction they came in.

  C, it’s just taken off.

  D, someone who lives with you will help you take it off.

  Test results: Type A: This is the so-called “first bitter then happy type”.

We must be well prepared for everything, and we are the ones who strive for perfection.

You have a lot of enemies in your society, and you are not at ease with your colleagues.

You will suppress your emotions, your emotions will be invisible, and you will act in compliance with social norms.

However, the defense armor of such people is too hard, even if they think it is done for the public good, it will cause a lot of misunderstanding.

As far as psychoanalysis is concerned, your sense of morality and physics is quite strong.

It’s better to slightly increase the burden.

  Type B: People who can properly consider ways and means to achieve social balance.

In real life, he is also a thoughtful person.

As far as psychoanalysis is concerned, “the self, the superego, and the ego are all balanced and well-adjusted.”

It always gives a mature feeling.

  Type C: Regardless of the type of social system and rules, it focuses on the pursuit of self-desire.

More impulsive, like a free-spirited lifestyle.

As far as psychoanalysis is concerned, it is a person with a stronger “self”.

This type of person is acting in pursuit of desire and still has a childhood character.

If you go in the good direction, of course it is good; but if you go in the bad direction, it will become “willful.”

  Type D: This is the most willful person.

Compared with the third type of person who is not ranked easily, he is more willful.

It is said to be willful, but it is better to be completely spoiled.

You must pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment, otherwise one day will suffer a great loss.