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Recommended six methods of treatment for chronic rhinitis

Recommended six methods of treatment for chronic rhinitis

Studies have shown that the incidence of chronic rhinitis is caused by long-term malnutrition, how to replace chronic rhinitis caused by eating habits?

Here are six ways to treat chronic rhinitis and treat chronic rhinitis. The effect is really good and worth a try.

Six kinds of therapeutic methods for chronic rhinitis 1, Chuanxiong pig brain soup[formula]2 pig brain, 15 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Magnolia.

[Usage]Wash the pig brain, remove the fascia, take the Chuanxiong, Xinyihua Jianshui juice, into the pig brain and salt, pepper, stewed, eat twice.

[Effect]qi and activating blood, make up the brain.

[Indications]Chronic rhinitis caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

2, orange wine[formula]500 grams of white wine, orange red 30 grams.

[Use 祛]Orange red immersed in white wine, sealed for 1 month.

Take a small amount (about 20 ml) before going to bed every night.

[Efficacy]qi and vitality all night.

[Indications]Chronic rhinitis caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.
3, jujube mud bean bag[formula]jujube (nuclear) 250 grams, 1000 tons of white lentils, 1000 grams of flour.

[Usage]The lentils are boiled. When they are soft, add the jujube to the jujube and cook again. When the water is full, the beans will be chopped and leave the fire. The lentils will be made into the mud, and the jujube will be made into a mud.After the hair is good, add a proper amount of soda or alkali, knead the skin, wrap it in the lentil jujube, and add the bean color (the size is not limited) steamed, as a staple food.

【Effect】 Spleen and dampness, nourish the stomach.

[Indications]Chronic rhinitis of lung spleen qi deficiency.

4, Astragalus chicken[formula]120 grams of raw scutellaria, 1 hen (about 750?
1000 g), 芫荽 20 g, the right amount of seasoning.

[Usage]The hen will have hair, net sputum, replace the scutellaria in the chicken belly, put in the pot, add water well onion in the pot, ginger and other condiments, set on the fire, put it into the wok when cooked, and cook the main dish.
[Efficacy]Yiqi fitness, because the table is wanted.

[Indications]Chronic rhinitis of lung spleen qi deficiency.
5, mustard porridge[composition]mustard head amount, 50 grams of white rice.

【Indications】 Invigorating the spleen and appetizing.

[Usage and Dosage]Wash the mustard head, cut into small pieces, and porridge with rice.

Start breakfast in the morning.

6, Xinhuahua black fish soup[composition]3 Xinhua flowers, 1 black fish (about 500 grams), 50 grams of pea sprouts, chicken soup, salt, MSG, onion, ginger, wine, seasonings.

【Indications】 Invigorate the spleen and make up the nose.

[Usage and Dosage]Cut the flowers into silk.

Wash the black fish at both ends with a straight knife, add boiling water to boil, peel, and then into the oil pan, add chicken soup, and cook in the seasoning.

Sprinkle with scented flowers and topped with chicken oil.

Eat fish and soup.