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11 mini games to enhance your baby’s memory

11 mini games to enhance your baby’s memory

Memory is the treasure house of knowledge. With memory, intelligence can continue to develop and knowledge can continue to accumulate.

Here are a few games that will help your child’s memory.

  Baby baby memory games have a certain memory ability two or three days after birth, and image memory appears about 6 months after birth.

How to improve your baby’s memory?

  Game 1: Where to start telling continuous fairy tales, let him remember every day.

When you start speaking the next day, you can ask him: “Where did you go yesterday?

“Long-term training like this can effectively improve your baby’s memory.

  Game 2: Animal Games will number each small animal toy, please baby remember.

Then the mother picks up the numbers and messes up the numbers, and then asks the baby to stick their original numbers to each small animal, and trains the baby to pair the number with the small animal.

  Game 3: Look at the picture memory Let the baby see a picture of several animals painted, limited to finish within a certain period of time.

It can be longer at first, and gradually extended. After taking the picture, let the baby say that the animals are on the picture.

If he doesn’t remember much, he can classify the animals. For example, there are several kinds of beasts, some birds, and fishes, so that he can remember them faster.

  Game 4: Call and sit with your baby in the same direction (while facing forward).

The mother imitated the thumb and little finger to the ear to imitate a phone call and asked the baby, “Hey, who are you?”

“” Where does your family live? ”

“” What’s your father’s name? ”

“Where does he work?”

“. asked the baby to answer one by one.

  Game 5: Watch the window passing by the shop window, let the baby take a closer look at what is displayed in the window.

After leaving, ask him to say what he just saw.

You can also watch other things, such as observing the contents of the stationery box, and then telling how many things there are in the box; observing the flower beds in the park, telling the flowers of several colors.

  Game 6: Repeat gestures Let your baby seriously watch the 5 gestures you make.

Ask him not to follow along when you do.

After you finish, let him repeat it in order.

If your baby cannot recall 5 gestures smoothly, you can reduce the number of gestures to 3?
4, and then increase to 5.

  Game 7: Remember names and babies When watching TV or reading, ask him to remember the names of the characters in the story, and then ask the baby to recall the names of everyone.

  Tips: The best time to remember your baby during the day is before going to bed, at this time tell him a story or some common sense of life, the learning effect is the best.

Use vivid, vivid and colorful things as memory materials.

In the form of these babies and adolescents, let him remember many things unknowingly.

  Toddler baby’s memory game 1, say the names in turn, arrange 6 things on the table in order, let the child see for dozens of seconds, and then obscure the child to say the names of these 6 things in order by memory.

  Distinguish the color and let the child close his eyes and tell what color your coat, socks, and socks are.

If you also close your eyes and say the color of the coat, shoes, and socks he is wearing, it will cause the child to benefit from this game.

  2. Find items After hiding 8 different small items in front of the child, let the child discover them one by one.

  3. See pictures and talk Put 15 pictures with different contents on the table, ask the children to watch for a while, and then cover them.

Ask the child to recount the content of the picture correctly and accurately.

  ”Airplane Landing” put a large piece of paper on the inside as a map, and drew a large area on the paper as an “airport.”

Make another “airplane” with paper, write the child’s name, and press a pushpin on it.
Let the children standing a few steps away from a map or a dozen paces away, told him to look at the terrain first, and then, blindfolded, so he approached the map, into a “aircraft” landed exactly on the “airport.”
  4, look at this showcase game for the kids when they go out.

When passing a shop window window, put the kids closer look at things on display in the window of the window.

After leaving, she asked the children to say things just to see.