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How can I date my new classmates?


How can I date my new classmates?

Question: How do I interact with new classmates?

  I am the squad leader of class one in the second grade and have a little introvert.

I want to know and know the whole class, especially their names.

What should I do?

  Question added: We have re-classified the second grade, so almost the whole class is new.

What topics should I talk to them?

  Guidance: Introversion does not mean that communication skills are not strong. People who are often introverts are the object of classmates’ complaints or thoughts.

First of all, how did you know your classmates when you were in your first day? Just do it. Become yourself. Do n’t pretend to be a girl. It ‘s a guy. Female classmates ask you to help.

Be generous, don’t be restrained.

See you frankly, do n’t show the unhappy side, because you do n’t know them well, boys and girls talk to each other so that you can build your own image. When you are used to being the monitor, others are already used to youSquad leader!

Wish you happy!