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Secret: Protein Man Crash

Secret: Protein Man Crash

Why let him be a protein man? Because protein is a man’s “fundamental”, it has to do with whether he looks like a man and seems to have a solid and shiny muscle.Is his source of androgens.

  Wang Zheng was sitting in front of me, a man with vegetables in his face.

At the age of 26, the programmer of a multinational company can hardly hide his loss.

“Why am I always thinner than others?

“Our personality starts with such an awkward question . Wang Zheng rarely participates in all fitness and entertainment activities in the company.

“Apps are always more important than dumbbells and treadmills.

“This is Wang Zheng’s philosophy.

Until a friend introduced him to that beautiful girlfriend.

Until the joy of Yushui, the girl looked at his white and thin body, and actually came up with such a sentence: “You look at you, like an enlarged baby.

As soon as the irritated Wang Zheng arrived at the company, he saw the technical director striding across the front, and the summer sun slanted through the glass window and shone on his strong dark mass, which made Wang Zheng’s eyes pain.
After work, Wang Zheng went straight to the fitness center and quickly got the membership card.

Upper limbs, lower limbs, abdominal muscles, latissimus dorsi . the first day of training left Wang Zheng dizzy and turned into a severe overdraft.

The fitness instructor saw this symptom and gave him a prescription with only five words on it: protein supplements.

  Wang Zheng holds a prescription to find me-protein, is it really important to men?

  Men need protein more. Mention protein. We generally know that it is the basic component of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and various tissues and organs. Once lacking, it will lead to decreased immunity and endocrine disorders., Edema, etc.

  In fact, for men, protein has two important meanings to help muscle shape and enhance sexual function.

Achieved, men’s muscle proportion is much higher than women’s, complete the same amount of exercise, the number of muscle fibers involved, and the synthesis of muscle fibers and maintain their metabolism requires more protein.

Therefore, regular fitness, hoping that men with a healthy body shape can’t fully meet normal metabolic needs if they don’t have enough protein supplements, and can’t synthesize and maintain sufficient muscle tissue generated by intense exercise.

In addition, protein is a source of androgens.

Inadequate protein nutrition and blocked androgen secretion are the root causes of some men who have an unreasonable diet relying on some oral hormones to maintain quality of sexual life.

In addition, protein is also the basic raw material that forms semen. Its excessive boringness will cause the amino acid concentration in the body to be unbalanced, and there will be problems in the production of semen.

Of course, protein can also make the blood vessels full of elasticity and blood flow more smoothly, and the hardness of the penis erection has a lot to do with blood circulation.

  Seven tricks for quick protein men’s trick one: should be supplemented with complete protein Complete protein contains 22 amino acids required by the human body (13 non-essential amino acids are produced in the body, 9 must be obtained only from food), and a proportion of protein, Such as animal and legume proteins.

Kinds of protein are the most beneficial to the human body, of which soybean is the best source of protein.

Complete types, but improper proportions are called semi-complete proteins, which are saturated in grains, such as rice and sesame cake.

Incomplete protein is called incomplete protein, such as glial protein in meat skin.

Two types of protein can be eaten together to supplement the amino acids in order to be more suitable for human needs.

  Tip # 2: Choose more digestible proteins. Protein is digested by the body, and the more thoroughly it is absorbed, the more nutritional value you can get.

The same food undergoes significant changes in digestibility after different processing.

For example, the digestion and metabolism of whole soybeans is 60%, and the tofu can be increased to 90% after adding tofu; the absorption rate of other proteins can be improved after cooking, such as 98% for milk, 93% for meat, and98%, rice is 82%.

  Tip # 3: Choose a protein with higher physiological value. The degree of protein utilization after being absorbed by the body is medically called the physiological value of protein.

The physiological values of commonly used food proteins are: eggs 94%, milk 85%, fish meat 83%, shrimp 77%, beef 76%, rice 77%, cabbage 76%, and wheat 67%.

Overall, the physiological value of animal proteins is generally higher than that of plant proteins.

  Tip 4: The optimal time for protein supplementation The protein synthesis rate increases after exercise. If enough protein can be provided by food in time at this moment, the muscle fibers can be thickened and the muscles can be enlarged to obtain the best muscle shaping effect.The most efficient use of protein in food.

The best time to replenish protein is 90 minutes after general exercise.

Of course, it is also necessary to add enough protein to each meal.

  Tip 5: Add protein powder to poor appetite. Many men have no appetite after exercise or cannot eat immediately. At this time, it is a good choice to add protein powder that is easier to digest and absorb, because it can quickly provide amino acids as raw materials.
If your daily diet is mainly vegetarian, you should also add protein powder, it is best to choose a complete protein powder with various vitamins.  Tip 6: Calculate the amount of protein you need to add. A healthy male needs 1 per kilogram of body weight per day.


4 grams of protein; if you are exercising for a long time, you can increase it to 1 per kilogram of body weight daily.


About 8 grams of protein.

Take a 70kg male trained as a general bodybuilder as an example, the amount of protein that needs to be added daily is about 120g.

  Tip 7: Reasonably arrange your diet Now look at how to arrange a day’s diet if you need 120 grams of protein daily: Breakfast: 1 egg (6 grams of protein), 1 bag of milk (15 grams of protein), whole wheat bread4 slices (10 grams of protein), 1 kiwi, 31 grams of protein; lunch: 50 grams of chicken breast (10 grams of protein), 2 noodles (6 grams of protein), 1 plate of fried vegetables (containing protein)3 grams), 100 grams of north tofu (7 grams of protein), 50 grams of pork liver (10 grams of protein), a total of 36 grams of protein; dinner: grass carp 100 grams (including 18 grams of protein), 100 grams of beef (including protein) 20 grams), 100 grams of rice (containing 3 grams of protein), 1 plate of vegetables (containing 3 grams of protein), a total of 44 grams of protein; evening: 1 cup of yogurt (10 grams of protein), a total of 10 grams of protein, totalContains 121 grams of protein.

  Special reminder: Pay attention to the following issues when arranging diet.


Food is cooked for too long and the temperature is too high, especially the methods of frying, roasting, frying, etc. can easily damage the protein.


Try to keep the amount of protein in each meal at 30?
50 grams, because the human body can only absorb about 30 grams of protein at a time, too much is waste.


For people who want to lose weight or eat a limited amount of food, protein powder is a better choice.

Protein is not the more the better, the more protein is not the better, because too much protein needs to be excreted, which will increase the cholesterol burden.

The kidney, an organ with great charm and potential in the male body, is the only way to excrete proteins in the human body. Excessive protein intake overloads the veins, causing metabolites to be blocked, kidney function is impaired, and physiological functions of hypertension are accelerated.deterioration.

But today, there are still few people whose daily protein intake exceeds the demand. As long as we comply with the standards we provide, men can feel satisfied and touch their waists, and eat and drink with confidence.

  Eat the protein in the correct order, and eat IQ. Professor Harvard University Sain observes that the subjects eat breakfast in different orders and finds that: first eat protein foods such as eggs and meat, then eat a small number of subjects such as rice noodles, and gradually reduce the sustained stability.And from morning to afternoon, he has a sharp mind and burns all day.

But subjects who ate starch before protein food were sleepy and wanted to sleep.

This is because eating blood plasma first causes blood pressure to rise, and the body secretes insulin in order to lower blood sugar; it also makes tryptophan in the blood reach the brain earlier than tyrosine, making it easier to relax, want to sleep, and slower thinking.