nearby people borrowed, if not a pig, but also We have to clean sweep the vacant farm.

  Go back to the farm, it has been emptied, start from the back room, slowly sweeping flower Xue, no debris, sweep up quickly, grabbed a broom over Xue Lu Jianguo Flower has swept almost, he sighed, “I’m knew you’d come clean up, I say, Lu Yang in relation to stir things pulling people out of the criticism of criticism, do not give them save face, arranged properly, all of them like a bandit-like, is not afraid to lose face.”
  Someone shouted out to pick manure bucket to take the spoon he gues深圳桑拿网sed how it happens, his wife would not let him out, “You’re not the captain, speaking only being hated, we manage yourself, do not do such a shameful thing on the line ‘they did not join in the fun house, only to hear a little movement outside the door, big guy he is seen multiple selfishness is both bring something, a piece of rotten sweet potatoes will be taken away, think of Xue flower man, she must and will not be robbed, finished will clean up the house, so he took a broom to go home, his wife has to go out, he said no.
  ”You do not like to listen to gossip do not blending, lest my heart is not happy.”
  His wife followed him for decades, what character Lu Jianguo clear if he says something, he assured his wife were there, there was a time he went to the farm to help Xue Huahua work, it was said in private that he and Xue flower gossip,北京风月会所 he wife did not say anything, I believe him.
  Living a lifetime with a roof, which is nothing to sow dissension his wife know very well yet.
  Xue flower he asked, “Do you know who brought the head does not?Education does not educate them, I think they will be earthshaking.”
  Do not listen to people who arrange not left him face.
  Xue Flower shook his

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