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Beware of constipation caused by autumn dryness can not be separated from 3 kinds of fruits and vegetables

Beware of constipation caused by autumn dryness can not be separated from 3 kinds of fruits and vegetables

Autumn is the harvest season, and I hope you can harvest healthy.

  After entering the fall, our bodies will face new health challenges: the sweltering and distorted environment and bad living habits in the summer can easily damage our qi and yin, and the natural environment in the fall will quickly become dry.

During this time, a series of symptoms of qi and yin deficiency often appear in the body, and constipation caused by Qiuzao is the most common and alternative.

  Qiuzao constipation is relatively simple to treat compared with hot and humid constipation in summer. Most of them are to add some qi and laxative drugs at the same time as qi and yin, such as Shengmai drink with Maziren pills.

And if it is pure autumn dryness and constipation, eat more vegetables and fruits while taking qi and yin medicine, and do daily health care (autumn laxatives), you can recover at an appropriate time.

  Food to relieve constipation of autumn dryness Carrots are good ingredients whether they are fried and fried individually or stuffed.

Eating carrots raw can help digestion, and making them into fruit and vegetable salads is also a good choice.

If you want to eat cooked carrots, the advantage is that you can nourish the stomach and moisturize, and the disadvantage is that you will lose some vitamins and cellulose.

Therefore, boiled carrots must pay attention to good time, not for too long.

  Apple doesn’t want to go to the hospital all the time. Eat an apple every day!

Apple is a cellulose-containing fruit that can effectively prevent constipation.

In addition, apples also contain a lot of vitamin C, which not only protects your cardiovascular system but also keeps your skin hydrated and shiny.

  Pear eating pear can eliminate the fire, mainly because of the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing.

Eating pears raw can obviously alleviate the symptoms of dull sounds and constipation, and promote the excretion of carcinogens in the body.

Steaming the pears can play a cough and expectorant effect.

Eating three or four pears a week in the fall can effectively purify the system and make your stomach more “light”.

  The principle of rest and life in life pay attention to rehydration. Due to the dryness of autumn, the essence of rehydration cannot be taken lightly, but some details still need attention.

The first is that the water temperature should not be too cold, and the immune function of the body will be weakened to some extent through the decline of high temperature.

If a lot of cold drinks are abused at this time, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

In the process of treating diarrhea, improper use of drugs may even cause constipation (friends who have experienced this must be warned).

First of all, the way to replenish water is the best.

Every day’s work takes up our time. Eating more hydrated food is far more effective than rigid hydration-the water produced by food during digestion is often easier to absorb and use.

  Early in the morning and early in the autumn, the climate turns cold, and the killing energy suddenly rises. The focus of the body’s health is shifted from inward consumption to prevention of external evils, so it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep (at this time, the temperature is also lowered and will not affectSleep).

The more frail, aging friends, the more attention should be paid to this problem, so as not to cause yang qi diarrhea due to convergence, which is the usual cold and thinning.

  Older elders who are not busy adding clothes often say “spring covers autumn and freezing”, specifically in autumn, don’t wear thick clothes too early.

It is unavoidable to sweat thick if you wear thick clothes too early in the autumn. If the fluid is not leaked in time, it will cause autumn dryness.

  Qiuzao constipation is one of the recognized alternatives this season. If you can pay attention to maintenance in life, it is still very good to recover.

I also hope that everyone can have healthy living habits and avoid damage to their own health.