ng little Dana was immediately wanted to call the program group, Tang Tang threw himself on eye grassland Yan Ming little arms, “No, no younger brother!”

  ”I bought a ticket, and millet is a trip to the aircraft, just past together.”
  ”Let him go back.”
  ”I’m still a rookie it, where can you be so playing patience,” Tang Yan Tong will hand out less drawn to the phone aside, then was let go less Yan Ming arm re-sit, “Besides I am a man fly also very boring, and there is talk of who’d better.”
  Ming Yan cold face does not speak less.
  But there is no longer prevented.
  It took a while, Yan Ming little before saying, “I’m worried about you back and forth, the body can not stand.”
  ”I’m still young,” Tang Tang jumped up, she had filming, sometimes ten consecutive days shooting night scenes, sleeping less than four hours a d南宁夜生活网ay, than ever before, now that is not really hard, big deal Zhang posted a while back Eye mask painted point.
  Although young, still have to pay attention to maintenance.
  Yan and Ming has little to say for a moment, then, Tang Tang took a bath upstairs, looking for a very good stay up late to remedy the effect of the mask, carefully threw the stick after a good look for less Yan Ming.
  Her travel time to less Yan Ming Cheng aunt also brought a small gift.
  Ming Yan knocked on the bedroom door less, less Yan Ming opened the door, it was close to being startled mask Tang Siu-tong.
  Helpless two steps back, come let Tang Tang.
  ”What is not to say the young,” Yan Ming suddenly less ridicule Tang Tang, “posted what mask.”
  ”Re young, always staying up late is not good for the skin, dry skin malnutrition, but also to cause rough skin aging, especially in the eyes here,” Speaking of maintenance, Tang Siu-tong completely when the expert, “so the skin does not look at age, conditional it early skin, so younger brother, you still try not to bring work home to go to bed earlier every day, do not stay up late, and have time to do some skin care.”
  Speaking o南宁夜网f w

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