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Seven Realms to see if you really love each other

Seven Realms to see if you really love each other

Experts believe that true love is divided into seven realms: erotic, spiritual, romantic, practical, philosophical, enduring, and rational.

Whether a relationship lasts depends on whether you experience these seven realms at the same time.

The mystery of intimate lovers has a problem in the realm of discovering love, and repair it in time.

  Even partners who are already happy can become happier, because most of them still lack deep communication with each other, and true intimacy is very delicate.

Avoiding contradictions, being content with happiness on the surface, and making no effort to improve the realm are relatively easy, but fragile.

  The realm of love 1: You may think that as long as the two have similar personalities, the relationship will naturally last long.

But don’t forget that personality is attached to the body, and the flesh is the bearing (and fun) tool that connects you more closely with the other half.

Sexual love is a combination of sexual relations, and it is necessary to give full play to its role.

If the sex life is not harmonious, there must be a gulf that cannot be bridged between the two.

  A healthy sex life not only brings sensorial pleasure, it also improves the quality of life (in the broad sense).

  A couple who suffered from “sexual drought” when receiving treatment found that they were often upset about trivial matters, and then annoyed.

  They accepted the expert’s advice and began to revisit the physical closeness, becoming more forgiving and loving each other.

    Love Realm II: Spirit Any love contains a sincere element, which should be the harmonious development of spirit and body.

Although the meaning of lover is far beyond friendship, you can still be friends with him and appreciate the beauty of this distance.

Plato’s spiritual love is pure and beautiful, and it is the glue that holds all other realms.

When you start to get bored with romantics, when your energy has been restored by lust, you can only rely on trust and friendship to keep the relationship going.

  Love Realm III: Romance When did you two spend a good night together last time-the one that most surprised you and the most ecstatic?

If after 30 seconds you are still thinking about this problem, it is time to turn on your “passion” red light.

Excessive sentimental frivolity does not help maintain long-term relationships, but modest romances are love flavors and preservatives, allowing lovers to enjoy the vitality of love.

    Realm of Love IV: Actual Love?

Sounds paradoxical.

But think about your real life-when you talk to your boyfriend about buying a new Buick, or design a Hawaii travel plan, or decide to watch these channel shows, if the two happen to coincide, you will sigh between youTacit understanding.

If the relationship between the sexes works normally in this realm, the daily division is resolved before escalation.

Life is like this. It is important to allow different understandings of life style. Therefore, it is important to learn to respect each other and to avoid harm.

    First, don’t worry about why you can’t agree on everything, or try to understand why you are divided.

First, learn to compromise.

  Love Realm 5: The philosophical connection between the two sexes is that a pair of partners, you should share or at least consider each other’s values, whether it is religious beliefs, political views, or outlook on life, world view.

If there is a fault here, you will feel a sense of loss and emptiness inside.

If it is a long-term measure of love, it is necessary to know the philosophy of love.

If this issue is not faced and cannot be explored in depth, the assessments of the two will inevitably conflict, and may eventually diverge.

For example, religion and the need for children are the two issues that most need to reach consensus.

  Love Realm VI: The intellectual connection between the two genders is not to say that you must follow him to be obsessed with World War II novels and car rally, but to learn to analyze why he is so fascinated, and then develop some common hobbies based on this, to provide you with enough for 50 years togetherTalks.

  Peering into the other person’s “brain” to explore may lead to drastic changes. The change is just a wonderful way to strengthen the connection. One of the true intimate distortions is to see if you feel comfortable with the two people disagree.

Remember, the true meaning of the resonance between the two is in understanding and respecting each other’s views, not identification.

  Love Realm Seven: Persistent pursuit of endurance and eternity is the guarantee of maintaining love.

Without it, your inner insecurity will drive you crazy, and you will always worry that your next lip-to-mouth battle will be the last one, and worry that someone will wake up early in the morning and he has fled.

Persistence will inspire you to improve other realms of love, because you will stay together and spend time together, and of course hope everything is perfect.

    Lovers who depend on each other for life admit that gender relations cannot be perfect.   Love, this ancient and eternal life problem, has tested countless men and women and conquered countless believers.

On the road to love, I believe that there will be more tests waiting for us, so we must have a deep understanding of the seven realms mentioned above and take appropriate alternative measures in time to make it possible for “Love God” to lastTake care of us.