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Some stimuli to make your child smarter

Some stimuli to make your child smarter

[Introduction]From the moment a child is born, we start to pay attention to the stimulation he receives.

How much intelligence a child has, in the end is not smart, in addition to congenital factors, long-term external parental stimulus is not right, enough.

The slight stimulus that makes the child smarter naturally stimulates the newborn child. We have to choose some toys with sound, bright colors, and dynamics. At this time, the training of sensory stimulation begins.

In addition, parents’ smiles, companions, and speech stimulation are inestimable.

For younger children, parental touch is also very important.

Touch is needed by everyone, and adults also need to shake hands and hug, which is more necessary for infants and young children.

It can develop children’s tactile abilities and promote their growth. It also conveys the love of parents, allows children to have a good emotional experience, and cultivates a healthy mentality. It is an excellent means of parent-child communication.

Parents should touch the child when the child is awake. Parents must wash their hands and remove accessories such as rings, bracelets and watches to avoid scratching the child.

Stroke gently when touching, not too long, five or six times a day, three or four minutes each time.

Stimulation of interest Parents can consciously discover or cultivate their children’s various hobbies. Some kinds of activities can allow children to participate in philately, photography, chess, collections, flower arrangements, newspaper clippings, raising small animals, and so on.Can develop children’s intelligence, and can hone children’s patience and willpower.

In children’s hobbies, the child’s potential is often hidden, because when a child participates in the activities he discovers, his potential is most easily stimulated, and it is easy to overcome difficulties and stick to it.

Before the child is three years old, parents can use the world famous music as the family’s background music to let the child influence it, because this period is the child’s sensitive period to music.

Your child can skip music theory before the age of three, but don’t miss the best time to listen to music.

Experts suggest that before the child is three years old, let him see the world famous paintings, world famous landscapes and buildings, so that these beautiful “pictures” are deeply imprinted in the child’s mind.

In the future, these music and pictures will become a child’s most precious “art wealth”, and slowly radiate the breath of art in his life.

Any ability of activities to stimulate children is reflected in activities and also exercised in activities.

Therefore, we must provide children with various opportunities for activities, it is best to encourage him and his companions to play, socialize, participate in competitions, speeches, debates, public welfare activities, etc., to cultivate their language skills and interpersonal skills, and improveEntertainment and fun in life.

And guide children to use the left eye, left ear, left hand, and left foot more to exert their functions and promote the development of the right brain.

Many parents pay more attention to their children’s safety and ignore their children’s activities. They change many restrictions on their children. These restrictions will firmly hold their hands and feet and affect their physical development.

A more correct approach is for parents to encourage their children to participate in activities, while strengthening monitoring and safety education to prevent safety problems.

It is not advisable to waste food.

Professional stimulation When we discover children’s specialties in certain aspects, we can provide children with more opportunities to receive professional training, including dance, vocal music, bard, painting, hosting, calligraphy, carving, clay sculpture, playing musical instruments, practicingMartial arts, playing football, making small inventions, making aeromodelling, etc. These professional trainings can not only deeply cultivate children’s curiosity and creativity, but also allow children to acquire skills in professional training.

Perhaps these professional trainings will allow children to find their own direction from then on.

However, it should be noted that parents can easily replace professional training and hobbies.

Interests are not equal to professional training, and professional training is not necessarily for hobbies.

Hobbies can allow children to choose freely, and professional training needs to consult relevant professional teachers to help determine whether the child has professional talents or qualities in certain aspects.

In addition, in the process of teaching your child’s professional skills, you must also choose the right teacher and use the right methods.

Any method that harms the child is not desirable.

If some parents force their children to receive professional training in order to make a profession very popular in the society, it will not only fail to train their children, they may even lead their children astray.

We must not forget this at any time.