Chapter 88

  Although the red class is hands and feet, but after all, late at night, Fei Yu Nan and look sleepy, he would hold her dallying about it, and finally seems to be very uncomfortable, it turned into a white hairball from a heap clothes came out, got into her arms.
  Nan Yu Fei laugh and cry, it seems he has found ways to eliminate the fire.
  ”Red class, you should not be so cute?”Nan Fei Yu touched his hairy ears, I feel more than a warm pillow is also very good.
  ”Meow.”Red Ban throat uttered a low-Woo, light gold eye firmly fixed, meaning although only a hairball, but also very obvious threat.
  Nan Yu Fei mood is quite good, holding kissed his ear.
  She did not th北京洗浴网ink that the red shift suddenly turned into a human form, handsome face with something of himself, and dark eyes shimmering golden.
  Because the changes in his body, and she hugged him from become a whole person lying on his body.
  ”I see you are very spiritual ah, south small evening.”He reined in her slender waist, arrived badly about waist.
  Nan Yu Fei let his hands on her ignition, wait until he touched her pants on the foreign body, a face on the black.
  ”I is not convenient today.”Nan Fei Yu lashes blinked, and looked innocent.
  Ban fundus red flames burning on then off, he repeated several times, finally willing to bite her lips, “South small evening, you will really frustrating people!Next time you can not miss!”
  She did not take her to bully his way.
  Nan Fei Yu flashing eyes, staring at him open, “uncomfortable, then, becomes a hairballs look?”
  Chi classes: “.”She certainly was deliberate.
  But she’s application for exceptionally vivid and charming, he was a bit obsessed by to s广州桑拿网ee the.
  He tightening his arm, pulled her into his arms, “Southern small evening, I want to be able to protect your man, and not to please your hairballs.”

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  Lu city no sleep, the mouth can not help but rise: “ah, good night.”

  After the next while, but rarely sleep Gu City to see the land, city land to rest a month, they began to get busy, one month at a time A handful of the city to be, have to travel in the provinces, and stay in A City a few days, things have busy schedules, but although the two did not meet, but no matter how busy the city land, will give Gu sleep a day to play phone.
  Gu sleep very tolerant, as usual every day life.
  Lu Jersey Since that day in the cinema and saw the land, they went up the day of the land has been entangled in the end is not in the city and dating, who is Dating.
  Tangled for a moment, in the end I could not help but find di Lu Heng snoop news.
  Compared to land and city cold father-son relationship, but he is more intimate relationship and Lu Heng, Lu Jersey did not beat about the bush, direct straight to the point and asked Lu Heng, Lu City is not a girlfriend.
  Lu Heng opening is: “how do you know?”
  Lu Jersey suddenly my heart thump loudly: “Is it true?Who is?”
  Lu Heng know slip of the tongue, he coughed twice over the phone: “You can not ask me these words,You have to ask your dad.”
  ”Uncle!”Lu Jersey urgent call out to him.
  ”Call me useless, you are not do not know your dad, if I know I gave you leaked the news, have not dismiss me!”Lu Heng said, he did not forget to land Jersey bedding bedding:” But I tell you ah, you are a single dad for so many years, and even found a girlfriend, you can not oppose.”
  Lu Jersey depressed, said: “I am opposed helpful?”
  Lu Heng said: “Your father or hurt you, you know that He is always cold touch, nothing got the idea, but from small to large, whenever you want, your dad will give you.He loves you, but the lips do not say.”
  Lu Jersey muffled, he said: “Uncle, I know.I do not oppose him find a girlfriend, even if he wanted to get 南宁桑拿married, I will not object, I just want to know who is.”
  Lu Qing Ke Heng cry, and said: “You do not have to think too much, if you really want to how your dad will naturally people to come in front of you.”

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  Jiang Mian frown, came back late last night, she confessed finished silver fox, silver fox and so after leaving, she would wash meditation.

  Days before the twilight sleep lying down for a moment, forget the black dots on white for clean JIO.
  Jiang carrying a small paper people sleep altogether to the bathroom, then the Xiaopen with a basin of water, paper carefully for the little people wash JIO.
  After a moment, looking at no drop black, ginger sleep. “.”
  Heavenly father not to say it can be washed off with water do!
  Small paper people clinging to Jiang Mian fingers, looked down JIO, ginger sleep with a paper towel to dry the moisture, but still soft, small paper who is temporarily unable苏州夜网 to walk.
  After water infiltration, black legs seem wider spread of small paper who put his head sunk on Jiang Mian fingers, no more.
  Jiang Mian got hair, small people two small paper thin legs dry, and comfort it: “This is not bad, you see, the legs have black spots, much cooler than your companions the.”
  After saying that, deft little paper man stood up, cocked her leg closer look – seems to be confirmed Jiang Mian said, “cool”.
  Jiang Mian laughing.
  After packed, Jiang Mian reach the studio, good makeup, get dressed, sitting on a wicker chair took the script props watching other plays.
  Today the weather is good, take ginger sleep sitting in the garden of the King, the next is a good layout pear tree, a bunch of sunlight falling through the pear tree in her golden plating a layer of light.
  Tangan An inadvertently see, the eyes are straight, this perspective ginger sleep, just beautiful people afraid to speak to bother.
  She quickly picked up the phone: “Mian Mian maintain this position you do not move.”
  Jiang Mian “?”
  Tang Anan quickly shot down this scene, she happily gave to Jiang Mian see: “Mian Mian You see, the United States burst.”
  Ginger looked at sleep, go down Tangan An excited face looked, she found her assistant on her filters seem a bit too thick: “thirties wore makeup, how do you see ‘US explosion ‘of the word?”
  ”Mian Mian, I discovered how your aesthetic does not like us.”Then they just pass by, Tang Anan subconsciously transferred to the phone more than enough,” more than the teacher you look at this picture Mian Mian is not particularly good-looking?”
  Then I looked, nodded seriously immediately, joked: “Xiaojiang, but do not deny their beauty to your face, look at the whole showbiz, in which female artists, but also the top row.”
  ”I teacher, exaggerated ah.”Jiang Mian laughing,” this speech if you are put out, I’m afraid to offend the moment more than ninety percent of the circle of female artists.”

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  As a result, her mind is full.

  Nan Fei Yu quickly wash a bit, the way to the inside of the wash sweaty clothes gave only sets a coat.
  She readily to the washing ride in the branc南宁夜网hes next to the fire, the weather, thinking it’ll be dry soon.
  ”Little Qian Qian, it?”She said something toward not far from the figure, and then sat down on the grass paved mat, wash a bit, finally feel alive.
  Huo Qian turned back, when close to the fire, at first glance to personal clothing hanging next to his whole person to live and ignorant, eyes looking straight.
  So she, her coat is now under vacuum?
  The idea flashed into his mind, no longer haunting the.
  ”Warm and thinking □□, small Qian Qian, so you staring at me, I want to do what?”Nan Fei Yu faint look askance over his arms Baoxiong.
  She even socks are washed, rhubarb boots are put aside, barefoot, take on dried leaves.
  Speak, her lovely pale toes followed swinging.
  Huo Qian at this time it seems, her every move, every word, even her wet hair are tempted him.
  ”I ha苏州桑拿ve to go wash.”Huo modest gaze swept from her, turned busy, a few steps to jump the brook.
  Nan Fei Yu smiled, reminded, “You are not afraid of the water has a strange thing?Such as piranhas and snakes like?”
  Huo Wei Liang Qian will brook splashed in the face, no fear, just whispers, “You are more terrible.”
  ”.”Nan Fei Yu eyes micro-hop sound with a trace of a threat,” what do you mean?”
  Huo Qian no longer ignores her and turned away, even with clothes, took a shower battle, then it is so wet da da came to the fire side, it seems to be wearing clothes copy dry.
  Nan Fei Yu: “.”She looks so terrible it?
  Scared he did not dare even the clothes off?

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  Of course, now it is quickly collapsed Yuzhou Anton Suzaku armies and the most important.

  These doorways, ginger Rou bother blending, she not only does not blending, but also make good reading in possession of three Jinjiang will not intervene into.
  What people read, in respect of carefully reading in the coming year to obtain fame is a major event.
  After all, Ginger Rou know, towards the beginning of the new construction, the first years of the new emperor that are short of talent, a little bit of skill can be pleasant to the eye, it can seek a good future.
  Jiang Rou obscure words will be transferred to the three tubes, three tubes Ming He Qicong old fox, the moment to concentrate on the development of Jinjiang will not only Yuzhou, but also opened up in the capital.
  Anyhow, the future entry into the official career, one that went out, it will be come from深圳桑拿网 Jinjiang, laying these personal connections, will be very scary.
  How Wu family who want to dispose of its own justice Gong Qing.
  The whole drama ended, not ginger Rou play, and patted her back to her that the two sleeves Youran into Zhaizi.
  Wu Allure reaction from grief over, she rushed forward to Jiang Rou scream: “Jiang Rou you a slut, are you harm my family broke up the Wu family, I will not let you, I will not let mischief your!”
  Jiang Rou squint past: “You are no match for my life yet, let alone made a ghost?”
  She is not the slightest sympathy for Wu Allure, all she asked for it to be a.
  If she is when one is carried away by love silly sweet white, ginger Rou perhaps she will think how many there are some innocent.
  But from start to finish, Wu Allure is not innocent is not innocent.
  Gangster of this little rotten peach, black bars are really black flower, saying that snakes do not succeed more so.
  Jiang Rou took two steps, think of what, turned around and convection Zhu said: “Laowa should hurt, you take him back together, look carefully to find a doctor.”
  Heard these words, flow Zhu expression was actually somewhat reluctantly.

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  In fact, Xiao letter do not know, Lin Lin Ma with her father, or her father to accompany Lin Lin Ma.

  ”I would also like to eat a.”
  Lin Ma firm said, “can not eat, the children will eat a lot of stomach pain cold.”
  Look, even the cones can not eat.
  To be finished this weekend, Lin and Lin Ma Dad busy business continues to go up, ranging from very large shop stalls, and both are very pioneering spirit of the territory, so in fact most of the time to stay abroad, fly back We had to deal with the company’s affairs.
  Usually also the frequency of weeks to come back once the.
  Although a lot less time to spend with her daughter, but the couple can not let go of the cause, as the left one, is Lin Ma is not entirely bear rich wife to stay home life, and constantly open up the cause of the flame in the ma佛山桑拿网rket is her true like.
  Xiao letter continued recovery of the school, watching the daily drama easily, oh, more than a puzzles.
  The three-dimensional map is divided into three parts, three continents magic world of the West, E Suosi continent, Davis Blue mainland, the city of Noah, which has city, gardens, streets, churches, castles, palace and other buildings, in addition to the mainland as well as outside the island, at seaShips, we have done quite beautifully ornate.
  Xiao letter obsessed for a while, even when they are in class thinking puzzle.But even if she were apparent wander, classroom teachers also an eye, close one eye, never thought she points up to answer questions.
  Hot face better days did not get a response, Jiang Xuan, look at my heart more angry.Not that good relied on family, teachers prefer it.
  When you 深圳桑拿网look at how to do the exam.
  Jiang Xuan because her mother was forced to have to test into this school, study hard for several months, is barely in the upper reaches of the class, and also served as a student leader, very proud of, and in others are not after Lin string comparison, we can only rely on the performance edge on her.
  And other test results came out, she say help Lin string, that time, Lin always possible to string those beautiful clothes she issuers, high-end cake given to her right.
  More than classroom teacher preference, any teacher is a teacher, is also very concerned about Xiao letter, Lam Group two days ago Who sent donations to the school library to discuss things happen, Xiao letter better attitude did not, I’m not president of couples it is for this?
  Any teacher observation for a few days, also noted that the next class, the other students in small groups each have three thousand three hundred twenty-two, Xiao letter seems no close friends, even at the same table is not how the exchange can not help a bit worried Xiao letter to pay less than their peers at school how do people friends.
  Jiang Xuan initiative said, “any teacher, do not worry, I’ll be good friends and clear chord, will take her and other classmates exchanges.”
  Not you, Lin string this family except the face and other parts are annoying how people could pay to get friends, Jiang Xuan hearts full of malice thought.
  Any teacher thought only the first day of the child to have any brains, gentle smile said, “It’s good mutual solidarity among students, it is to you, Jiang Xuan students.”
  Jiang Xuan revealing a pleasant smile, learn I will stay clear of the lower chord, “ah, after school.”

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  Stuart Yat tight around her waist, said: “She will be Not for you.”

  Yuan Yue did not give waved his hand, he said: “I’ll her, you go back downstairs bar.”
  Stuart Yi frowned, apart from anything else, people will hold up and go.
  Uncle Li Du assistant and a look of black lines, said politely: “Please walking two!”
  They went to the door and the man next to the car, but also to hear the protests Yuan Yue, “You’re a rogue, quickly put me down!!”
  The owner finally sent away, Du assistant This relax, go back to Uncle Li said: “Uncle Li, you organize your gift list showed good boss look like.”
  Uncle Li nodded and said: “You worked hard today.”
  Du assistant rubbed his neck, smiled and said: “My salary is not low, it should be a little hard, it touches you Uncle Li, Shen in so many years, salaries are up and it?”
  Uncle Li laughed: “My annual salary is estimated lower than you, but this year I’m not picking up, and brought so much money to burn, I was alone, Shen is my home.”
  Du bit surprised to see his assistant, then smiles: “or, I see the boss and you have to be very affectionate Miss.”
  ”People are like, live a long time, it will naturally feelings, tie him down.”
  They chatted for a few casual, but also to see the site clean-up situations, are more experienced professionals, so pack up and organized, do not have too much to worry about Uncle Li.
  ”The boss and so on down it will also?”Du assistant looked up at one upstairs, but standing in the courtyard, did not see anything.
  Uncle Li look of wrinkles laughed and said: “They have a lot of estimates private message to speak.”
  Du assistant quite said with emotion: “Miss Boss is really the best fire fighting teams ah!”
  ”Fine, at least someone can cure Mr. mai广州桑拿ntained, or really earthshaking.”Uncle Li seemingly jokingly said this, in fact, is worried about his arrogance, Shen Xiao heart has always been the character, too much hostility, repair liberal and die endlessly, and easy enemies, and now he’s flourishing career, others They may fear him a bit, but after things, and who can say for.
  Fortunately, there are now young lady at his side, a lot of radical things, a bar can be stopped.
  ”Something wrong Du assistant pm?Or to take a break here?I see today left a lot of fresh ingredients, in the evening we do a little rich, one of us to Mr. birthday.”
  Du assistant now people eat a hungry family, free and clear, so listen to Uncle Li said it bluntly: “I’ll leave it.”
  They began to discuss dinner dishes downstairs, and two upstairs this would not be enough Niwai.
  Shen Yu scantily 杭州桑拿clad veil, but has been holding Shen Xiao, actually do not feel the cold.

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  But Jiang Mian soon know Meng Yuwen want to tell her.

  Classes will finish, Jiang Mian back to the dorm, dorm three girls are, by their, that ginger sleep, and Gu Wen Guan Xin habitat have split up.
  ”Mian Mian, you do not know?”
  ”We are divided for a long time.”
  ”Forum on Tao someone, let them think you points, I thought you and habitat Gu Wen together.”
  ”Yes, before the trouble was amazing, a lot of people call you, there is a floor for nearly ten thousand layer.The results postings suddenly disappeared, Guan Xin out to clarify, saying that she offered to break up the text and Gu habitat, not none of your business.”
  See Jiang Mian trio seem to lack interest, we had to shut.
  They think Jiang Mian like to listen to it.
  Get together their own trio gossip, Ling Mao declared simply said: “Gu Wen habitat peach was really good, first-related Xin.”She Miaole Yan Jiang Mian”, and now together Menghan together, I saw that day Menghan Qi Gu habitat with text on luxury cars too.”
  ”I also saw.”Wu Yue said,” I always felt he was declared coat wrapped spirit, but also strange, before he has refused.Said people have money lawlessness.”She refers to the obscure at Jiang Mian,” and now the results together Menghan face hurt you.”
  Trio discussing, rather abruptly Jiang Mian insert the sentence: “Qi is not Menghan school over the?”
  ”how do you know?Last semester final exams when suddenly fast turn over.”
  ”She must trust relationship between money coming in.”
  ”Money can be good.”
  Jiang Mian Tut sound, thought attendance Menghan will go to film school, it appears that she received a letter she sent to her in the.
  - In the last local tyrant father’s mansion, because of the small paper only stolen the necklace back to the industry, accidentally encounter between Sarkozy family.
  Guan Yan and Qi in the original Menghan a南宁桑拿 child accidentally transfer package, Guan Xin last return to regulating the family, Qi Menghan tragic consequences.
  Now Qi Menghan so fast on the line – and Gu Xin Guan habitat tended to have her intervene to break up the text sake.
  When three people get together to gossip see Jiang Mian burst out laughing look, I do not know why, I think of last month semester, ginger sleep so that they pay back the money the way.
  Three as one, eliminating the sound of silence.
  Jiang Mian did not want to bother protagonist group, No commitment to, just go back to school soon, and see the protagonist group.

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  Yes, it relied on ginger Rou body young, long face and tender, she is bullied fair and square, anyway Yen value in that, most giving people the image of a character straightforward, not annoying, who set will not collapse.

  Muqing Yao angry and trembling, she was unable to speak, I had to find closure in his early Qing.
  ”Ah Qing, you look at her ginger Rou!”Muqing Yao lot of scruples, and not directly and ginger Rou tear force.
  Who knows, Feng Qing not salty not pale ginger Rou looked at, carelessly waved and said: “Qing Yao Jiang Rou older than you, so let her, she was not sensible.”
  Heard, Muqing Yao as struck by lightning.
  Her incredible: “Ah Qing, you say What is this nonsense?”
  Jiang Rou small chin raised, milk and milk fierce fierce to put down relentless: “Muqing Yao I tell you, I do fan beauty of the day, you’ll never get the first.”
  Like the afternoon, the girl had finished talking, heads held high back.
  Feng Qing evoke 杭州桑拿the mouth, his face is very meaningful.
  Muqing Yao Yinya almost chew, she stormed stomping on the gas, but pushed a seal Qing, ugly face back on the wagon.
  Qing sealed bomb mind bounce wrinkles and beauty care such disputes between two.
  In fact, men have this battle beauty, flowers for him in terms of building, but still a good thing.
  Please Muqing Yao care of the household effects of the gradual closure aura of State, resumed shrewd businessman.
  He loved hesitate to Muqing Yao, it really is like the beauty, but has no brain to not blindly spoil, mainly on her.
  This Muqing Yao is not a good thing, but unfortunately, today, she still did not find her aura of importance.
  She always felt beautiful still, what a man, sooner or later will become slaves under her skirt.

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  ”After I give you a free drink for three days, I thought you can feel out of it, drank herbal tea, you did not feel a lot of spirit than before to sleep and slept incense?”

  Professor Niu Xiu suddenly realized, “No wonder it!”
  No wonder he is finding this out is much nicer than a few times before, I thought a few times before crossing the field is barren, relatively worry about, but this time it was a walk in the beautiful scenic area, do not take the dangerous mountain road, the original since the effect is herbal tea.
  No wonder he felt after breaking the supply of herbal tea, the body suddenly began to lack the.
  If it were not training funds have been spent, not next to the remaining money to buy herbal tea, Professor Niu Xiu I immediately called Gu Xuanzhi want to continue to supply herbal tea on the extravagance and easy, into a luxury to economy.
  See Professor Niu Xiu He looked uncomfortable expression, Gu Xuanzhi quite ‘well-meaning’ to say, “That’s a very effective herbal tea, I see you today, spiritual head of little, certainly not Yao tea, lack of vigor pressure does not go.Well, I’ll give you a free supply of herbal tea three days, you see results.”
  Professor Niu Xiu He immediately cheered up, the supply of free stuff, let alone three days, is the only supply day, that’s good!
  Gu Xuanzhi says it will do, after three days, she gave up on continued supply of herbal tea, students who know the magic of this herbal tea, and everyone began feeling, Gu Xuanzhi finally completed the task of Yao Wang Xiang before advancing some.
  Professor Niu Xiu students brought in, there is a girl just in time ‘visiting relatives’ are pale with a face every day, even walking, clutching his stomach, the result of herbal tea to drink Gu Xuanzhi after, she felt the body physically fit and more the.
  The girl deliberately ask Guxuan Zhi, “Sister, that one day how many drink herbal tea?My stomach problems, feel more refreshed after drank herbal tea, herbal tea that you can drink?After drinking so what side effects will not?”
  ”So what side effects?Said herbal tea, but in fact it is a thing of tea, you have nothing to drink water as a major event, those ingredients act quickly metabolized out of the body of.After that herbal tea can and qi Well, so people on our side by the summer heat, are generally holding the cup to drink of the day, no what matter Son, perfectly healthy body these days.”
  The girl hear straight speechless, long while before Biechu sentence: “You people here are really rich.”
  Fifty cents to buy a pot, even a small population of small mouth to drink, half an hour is enough drinking a pot, where people can actually holding a day to drink, it is not the money?
  Gu Xuanzhi smiled and said nothing.
  Under lying ditch this piece of children of people really have the money, go ou深圳桑拿网t after the land contract, New Era Group gave an annual subsidy, retired and sit next to people or low-lying agricultural planting base to work, or go fishing peasant work, there are people coming Gu Xuanzhi open aquatic feed mill, the whole family are regarded as the person who led the wages, living standards can not improve it?
  Fifty cents to buy a pot of herbal tea does not cheap, if in order to cure it, many people are still willing to spend the money.

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