But North Korea who do not know the biggest supporters behind Hou Rui Wang is Changning, Changning Hou Mo Zi An accused the rebe广州桑拿网ls, does it mean that the Swiss king with evil?
  But Rui Wang Meng Tingxuan personal father, and now this little Mengting Xuan Huang Sun soon topped ninety-five, and you have to drag in Rui Wang body black spots?That Meng Tingxuan not become a child of the rebels with the stigma, which is too long a life chant?
  Taishi Zhen still shocked confusion, the team immediately in front of the future want to have the new emperor’s courtiers to show his face out of the body, pointing Mok Tze Ann shouted: “Nonsense, Changning Hou how can rebels?I see clearly Yongning Hou good at killing innocent people also attempt to sneak it in, I do not know the motive, not fast to His Majesty, confessing his sin!”
  Although now Mengting Xuan as the only direct descendant of the royal heir is a certainty, but to the official emperor is not so simple.He will hav苏州桑拿网e to go through some cumbersome and complex ritual procedures, took the imperial jade seal until, finally regarded as ancestral worship before the throne ascended the throne as emperor.
  Taishi Zhen see them just as soon as respectfully respectfully Mengting Xuan ‘His Highness’, now Mengting Xuan is not 广州桑拿网qualified to be called ‘Your Majesty’, and even booing the liturgical face despite everything, direct ‘Your Majesty’ shouted on!
  Mo child safety sneer, contend fear authentic: “how is not the rebels?Do you not seen how the Guards kill each other, how the ban Jun Tongling is dead, is not Changning Houfu Allegiance Lee Hong good thing to do it?To put it bluntly they thought the king and the same, but the former king look for a job, but they want mantis in the post, but was seen through my house General!This is the fate of some of them that, your Honors thank my family fishes generals, he is the universe so as not to rotate conspiracy to succeed hero!”
  Mok Tze Ann’s some words are true, just think carefully

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