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Change heart character for happiness

Change heart character for happiness

Everyone lives under stress, and different people treat stress differently.

Psychologists divide people into two groups based on their attitudes and responses to stress.

Class A is an ambitious and aggressive person, while Class B is leisurely and relaxed, and the work is just right.

  People with a class A personality are usually excellent and have achieved success in their careers.

These people always adhere to time, are highly motivated and have a strong sense of responsibility.

They immerse themselves in work and still keep work in mind during their breaks.

They are competitive and have a stronger sense of competition than others.

They are impatient, they are not satisfied with one thing, they have high requirements on themselves and others, and if they do n’t talk hard, they also easily offend people.

They are curious about new things and welcome challenges. They often like to compare themselves with others. They are happy when they are higher than others. They feel guilty when they are short and do n’t like losing to others, no matter what.

As long as these people are positioned on one goal, they are working hard in this direction.

If you feel you are not doing your best, you will blame yourself.

They are not very good at getting along with and communicating with others in their daily lives, and basically do not have much hobbies.

  When people reach post-middle age, this type of character should change.

Because medical evidence proves that such a personality may suffer from cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary arteriosclerosis. If you persist in this attitude to life and work, it will easily develop into angina and myocardial infarction.

We weight and call this personality a “cardiovascular personality”. The purpose is to remind people who are too obsessed with doing things and a relentless pursuit of achievement, to relax themselves in front of the “age” mirror.

  No matter how high the achievement is, there will be a leader, no matter how good a career will end for individuals.

When people reach post-middle age, they must recognize the multi-layered meaning of life and find interests and hobbies outside of work to make life interesting.

Often you have to slow down the pace of life and work, step out of the door, walk around, run around, and sweat a lot, so that you can ease the tension.

Especially when you are tired, don’t force yourself to continue working.

Find opportunities to talk and play with family and friends, to feel the affection and friendship, that is the best way to relax, but also the original meaning of life.

  Nature is the closest to people. Between landscapes, achievements, careers become less important.

Looking up at the boundless sky, the feeling of unity between heaven and man will spontaneously arise, and all the human experience in the world will become so “instantaneous”.

Stepping into old age, it is time to take advantage of the rest of life and enjoy a wider life.

Go beyond the shackles of “achievement” and “career” and seek great pleasure and freedom.

  People with a “heart disease character” do make their hearts too tired.

It is necessary to reduce the pressure on the heart, causing blood that has become viscous under pressure to flow and lively, so that even a damaged heart has the opportunity to become strong again.

The lovely organ of “heart”, she is extremely loyal to her master.