ad to smell another way, then I can not do more than enjoy enjoy?On price, Mimi wants you bid.”Sumi hide very well, even with a shallow mouth also smile, so Murong Sheng did not realize that his words have been let Sumi unhappy, and here are still inquisitive.

  ”Murong uncle, if you like to eat the fish, you can go to eat and shop in our family, there is no smell, why must it be prescription?I Niangshui, this recipe is our well-known, and can not tell others ah!”Chengzhi This child put down the chopsticks, arms out to the veil together a clean, serious look at Murong Sheng asked later wiped his mouth.
  ”Yes ah, Murong son, my sister, I do not know a lot of those prescription, but for the wind and the moon that are dead deed, my sister that is not taught!”Zhang Yuyu This 杭州桑拿child also put down the chopsticks, along Chengzhi ‘break up with somebody’ saying Road.
  Murong Sheng face changed, and my heart a little uncomfortable.
  That’s what the identity of the person?Also out with his par and do?
  Although he is a bastard, but over the years, the contribution of the family that is very large, in addition to a direct descendant of the brothers and sisters, no one dared to look at his face in the house, let alone such an insult and a par slaves!
  But Zhang Yuyu but did not realize what was wrong, because in her heart, she LEISURE between Sumi or there is no difference.
  From birth to live in the countryside, Zhang Yuyu status of this dynasty boundaries very clear about it for fear that Bi Sumi did not understand too much, so it would be completely defenseless child to speak up.
  ”Yu Yu Jie, b广州桑拿网ut the breeze moon is just slaves, after this, then do not say it, and inviting a joke!”Murong Sheng looked at ‘calmly’ of Zhang Yuyu Sumi and finally could not help but stand up and walk out.
  Sumi’d know what happened, but she did not intend to Dali, but added Zhang Yuyu entirely innocent face, of course, to see the appearance of Murong Sheng also I know that he is angry, so his face takes on a little panic flawless.
  ”Sis, I was not wrong what the?Murong son how I looked

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