g Tang assured he wants to use to replace her.

  Well, it appears that holding Tang Tong thing is a fake, but it is true change Yan Yan, producer insistent forest director, “I heard them say that you and Yan Yan had a little altercation, in the end is not event, a little girl that you care about them and why, and you know I have always been cooperative Yaxing President Chen, you come to such a good and I do not his account.Yaxing now and we want to litigate, it is not a small amount of compensation down, you ey深圳桑拿网e, close one eye, also two or three months, and so played out of sight out of mind.”
  ”Two or three months?”
  Director Lin sneer,”There Yan Yan in a year are shot finish.”
  ”This is where I can do,” producer laughed, “Yan Yan is a good notoriously play, fast, or else I would not have had a direct point she is right.”
北京会所体验网  Speaking of this, I’m the director more to gas.
  Lin did not want the director and producer of the dispute, the vice director of the direct phone to send something over.
  Tell, in addition to Yan Yan seen acting, nobody believed Yan Yan acting is poor, since it can not tell, then let the producer directly to see.
  Producer director also when the forest was finally moved, he said, the results did not come for a while, deputy director holding a notebook, fiddle for a while, opening a video to him.
  ”look by youself.”
  Producer director Lin looked at, his eyes fell on the notebook.
  This is a time of filming Tang Siu-tong long shot.
  Producers do not understand why give him a shot Tang Tang, Tang Siu-tong but not makeup is not changing, but the point since it has been opened, then it out.
  But watching it found something wrong.
 北京养生会所 Tang Tang speech, not Ji infants story?
  If nothing else, played really good.
  On a few minutes, the producer found himself completely ignores the Tang Siu-tong of modern equipment, immersion into the story in.
  But I watched, did not, it is a lens Yan Yan.
  Yan Yan clothes, makeup are complete, Tang Tang did not just play dr

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