r-in-law has been respected, you persuade him and let him do not tell Uncle week weeks aunt set gas.”

  Chapter 301 by house

  Qi Yue Mei to find her first thought was to get her to help her snatch Qiong, no one thought she just asked her to mediate the relationship with his parents Qiong.
  If the former, Qi Yue will certainly flatly refused, but the latter.She pondered and said: “Zhou Qiong and disagreements that either his parents to marry Li Yaping, you want me to persuade you to separate Qiong and Li Yaping?”
  Liu Mei Wuguan handsome, bushy eyebrows brow rose, revealing a British Gas does not have the other girls, she looked at Qi Yue laugh: When “Last night at first to hear the news of their marriage, I did have this idea, but after a night I would a深圳桑拿网lso like to see, I grew up with Qiong acquaintance, but first he likes you, but then like Li Yaping, is that I opened them, nor will he look on me, why should I do this the wicked?”
  Qiong had heard her mention her favorite things, give birth to face the embarrassment of Qi Yue, I want an explanation, but Liu Mei waved: “I know that it’s okay with you, Qiong wishful thinking, so I have never before I thought about finding what you say.”
  Faced with such transparent atmosphere girl, Qi Yue and my heart kind of unspeakable regret, she took her hand to comfort anti said: “You will certainly encounter a person you cherish.”
  Mei eyes revealing a hint of natural astringent, but no more to talk about their own business, but the request again: “I have loved since childhood to play Zhou, Zhou Zhou aunt t very good to me, I do not want them hurt you Qiong help me persuade, not force him to separate from Li Yaping, he mostly just weeks aunt t consider twelve weeks.”
  Faced with this request, Qi Yue can not refuse, he promised to look Qiong talk, but can not guarantee results.
  Mei gratefully said: “Whatever the outcome, I thank you for the week t-aunt week.”
  Qi Yue felt a lot of pressure, after Liu Mei away, all morning thinking about how to persua北京夜网de Qiong, this distraction was reprimanded Dr Wong: “we must work with the at

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