al of it?”Cheng Yi said.

  ”do not mind!Of course, I do not mind it!”Cheng Nan pre-empt said, and then watching helplessly Gu sleep.
  Gu sleep smiled, did not refuse.
  Author has to say:
  6000 completed.

Chapter 42 housewife counter-attack
  Still a little time away from the dinner, Cheng Cheng North Southern upstairs.
  Gu Cheng Yi sleep to pour a cup of tea, then sat down next to.
  Uttaradit feel completely Gu sleep as a guest, and my heart some subtle discomfort.
  He drink some tea, he said: “I’m afraid you forget, so tell you that, next Saturday is the eightieth birthday grandmother.Our divorce family did not know, so you have to go back to visit with me.”
  Gu sleep slightly stunned for a moment, “Gu sleep” mind memories of Uttaradit grandmother immediately jumped out, Uttaradit grandmoth深圳桑拿网er is really like, “Gu sleep”, and “Gu sleep” pregnancy, Uttaradit my mother out of it high price tag so she went to knock down the belly of the child, but also the grandmother insisted Paul Cheng under the North.
  Therefore, the “sleep care” has been very grateful grandmother Uttaradit, but also very filial grandmother, regardless of holidays or just not taken seriously variety of small festivals, she would call back, but also bring a variety of gifts, so Uttaradit also hurt her grandmother.
  Coupled with this is the grandmother’s eightieth birthday Uttaradit.
  ”okay, I get it.”Gu sleep promise down:” I will go.”
  Before this day, I sleep all care to remind him, and now it is his turn to remind the care of sleep.
  Uttaradit mixed feelings.
  The time to eat, sleep Gu Cheng Yi looked sitting there, waiting for her journey north to south夜网论坛 Cheng Sheng Fan.
  ”Appropriate to do housework good for them, so after not even take care of themselv天津夜网es.”Gu Cheng Yi Mian see some strange exp

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