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Eye games make eyes brighter

Eye games make eyes brighter

Use some fun mini games to help your baby relieve eye fatigue and make your baby’s eyes more flexible.

  Who doesn’t want your baby to have bright and good eyes, so if your baby’s eyes are good, pay attention to keeping them, and you can often play with your baby at home to play some small eyesight games.

This kind of game will not only make you and your baby enjoy a warm parent-child time, but also make your baby’s eyes more flexible.

  Color game: make your eyes feel fresh!

  The eyes can distinguish different colors.

Let babies learn to recognize colors, distinguish colors, and make the rich world that the eyes can perceive in color games.


1 year old: collect color items of a certain color, such as red balls, red spoons, red scarves, red toys, etc.

Use these things to play games with your baby and tell him that it is red.


3 years old: First look for a color, such as green, and then let the baby close his eyes and imagine green.

After opening your eyes, ask your baby to look for all things of the same color in the room.

7 years old: Color Theme Day Select a color as the theme color of the day.

“Today we only paint in green.

“Let the child paint everything green with his paintbrush!

  Crawling game: make your eyes clearer!

  The eyes are dominated by the brain, and the left and right brains dominate different parts of the eyes.

The eyes can only see better if the bilateral brains work in coordination.

Moving the right and left feet or the left and right feet simultaneously can activate the two-way brain.

  8 months?
1 year old: Cross crawl put the baby’s favorite toys in different positions, and guide the baby to crawl to get them.

When your baby is older, you can also increase the difficulty: let him crawl under the table, or climb around obstacles.

  After 5 years old: Cross your legs and ask your child to lift his left leg and use his right hand to pat the tibia of his left leg.

Then turn it around and pat your left leg with your left hand.

For added fun, you can play against him to see who shoots fast and accurately.

  Sports games: make your eyes go!

  When the eye moves from one fixation target to another target, in order for the new target to be quickly projected onto the foveal center of the macula, a rapid in-phase movement of the eyeball is called a saccade motion.

  When a moving object is perceived by our eyes, in order to follow this moving object, our eyes must maintain a fixed relationship with the moving object through the movement of the eyeball to achieve the movement of the target. This movement is weighedFor follow the movement.

Our daily activities and observations of external things are inseparable from glance movement and follow movement.

  0?1 year old: The boat shakes and releases the baby, letting his face outward, your body turns from side to side, doing semi-alternating movements, pay attention and pay attention to always keep a straight line, and simply step on the feet to turn the body.

When the body weight shifts to the right foot, move the left foot more to reset, and vice versa.

Your baby’s eyes will turn into your wobble while always observing all visible objects around you.

  This way you can train your baby’s saccade.

You can also do this kind of rocking movement in front of the mirror. When you see your image swinging back and forth in the mirror, the baby will feel novel and interesting.

  1?5 years old: Children love to play all kinds of balls with a small racket.
The shape of the ball, the unpredictability of the movement, and the freedom evoked the child’s great interest, and the child’s eyes would follow the movement unconsciously.

Learning to play all kinds of ball games can make children’s eyes move at high speed, rolling, slamming, and throwing each other’s balls are all good games for the eyes.

  2 daily actions to rest your eyes 5?
12 years old: magic nose pencil, rainbow ribbon wand magic nose brush.

Ask your child to treat their nose as a magic brush. When drawing near, it will automatically shorten, and when drawing distant objects, it will lengthen again.

Then use it to draw the sight or imaginary picture in front of him.

Of course, the eyes will turn up, down, left, and right at the nose brush.
  Rainbow ribbon wand.

Make a rainbow satin ribbon wand for your child, it can train the child’s entire brain, movement, rhythm, coordination of the whole body and eyes, and the child can play with interest.

Find a ribbon with a length of about 2 meters and a width of about 15 mm and a small wooden stick with a length of 5 cm. Tie the ribbon to one end of the wooden stick and let the child draw the character 8 in the air with the wooden stick, or whatever you wantpicture of.

  2 daily actions, let the eyes rest for a blink. After each blink, there will be millions of new data on our retina to transform the visual nerves to reach the brain.

When you close your eyes, no light can enter, and the cells on the retina can rest a little in the dark.

Then his eyes opened and a new light came into view.

When you blink, your eyes continue to vibrate, which helps keep your eyes alive.

  People only need 0 every blink.

025 seconds.

Generally, we blink about 20 times per minute.

But when a person is angry, worried, alert or watching TV, the number of blinks will be reduced, the eyes will not get enough rest, and it is easy to fatigue.

  Therefore, if you want to relax your eyes and improve your eyesight, you should also keep him away from watching TV and keep him in a good mood.

When the child is nervous and worried, let him blink and take a deep breath to relax the eye muscles and nerves.

  Do you know yawn?

Not only our lungs and brains need oxygen, our eyes also need a lot of oxygen, and deep breathing, sighing and yawning can provide the required oxygen.

  Yawning can also relax the muscles-trapezius and muscles that reflect the tension of the visual system-which can soften facial muscles and help us change our mood.

  Moreover, after yawning, our eyes seemed to take a bath, and the world in front of us became brighter, as if we had showered the entire world!

So, whether it is you and your child, when your eyes are astringent and tired, yawn, let your eyes get more oxygen, and you can “take a bath” and relax.

  If you want your child to have a pair of bright eyes, proper eye hygiene, excess nutrition, and good mood are essential. On this basis, make some small games that are good for the eyes, and even more so.The icing on the cake.