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What to eat for hypertension

What to eat for hypertension

Hypertension is a common and frequently-occurring disease, and it is often difficult to completely cure, that is, or has been completely cured, if the mood changes, or if you eat some inappropriate food, it will immediately recur.

Experts remind: high blood pressure is not a very terrible disease, as long as you seriously adhere to self-prevention, often control your mood, regulate your diet, and cooperate with appropriate medications, the harm will not be too great.

Some of the following drug therapy treatments can also pass unexpected effects.

  1. Kelp corn must cure hypertension kelp and corn.

Wash 30g of kelp and cut into thin filaments. After the corn has been washed a little, add it to the casserole with kelp and add an appropriate amount of water to cook it into soup.

  2, Celery porridge for hypertension 50g celery, rice 50g.

Wash the celery to remove the leaf stalks and rice to make porridge. Wash the leaves and fry the juice. After the porridge is boiled, add it.

  3, plum porridge to treat hypertension, white plum 5g, white chrysanthemum 6g, previous rice 50-100g.

Take the previous rice and cook it into porridge. Rinse the white plum blossoms and white chrysanthemums. When the porridge is ready, add two kinds of flowers and cook it slightly.

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