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Ten taboos for patients with chronic kidney disease

Ten taboos for patients with chronic kidney disease

Avoid drinking.

Fusel oil in alcohol and nitros limb limb complications kidney tissue degeneration and carcinogenesis, so patients with kidney disease should not drink alcohol to avoid liver and kidney damage.

  Second avoid smoking.

Tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances, which can damage liver and kidney function and inhibit nephron repair. Therefore, patients with kidney disease must decide to quit smoking.

  Three bogey angry.

Traditional Chinese medicine hurts the liver and stagnates stagnation, which leads to detoxification. The detoxification function is transferred to the kidney, which increases the burden on the kidney and easily becomes a productive habit. Therefore, it is the enemy of kidney disease.

  Four bogey overwork.

The kidney is an important metabolic organ of the human body. Patients with kidney disease have abnormal kidney function and nutritional disorders, so they are tired and need more rest.

  Five worries.

Renal disease (especially in patients with uremia) is not cured for a long time, which often causes people to worry, makes the cerebral cortex highly strained, and is extremely detrimental to the recovery of kidney disease (especially female patients).

  Six avoid pessimism.

Once nephritis and uremia patients lose confidence in treatment, the condition becomes more and more difficult to control, so patients should be optimistic, open-minded, and enhance confidence.

  Seven bogey disorder tonic.

Supplementing balance is the basic condition for maintaining good health. Improper nourishment and breaking the balance will affect health. Therefore, tonics should be used with caution.

  Eight bogey life irregular.

Suffering from a very sick condition, so that adequate sleep, reasonable nutrition, normal life are essential for the survival of patients with kidney disease, moderation, and the awareness of maintaining kidney essence is to maintain life.

  Jiu Ji abuse drugs.

It is a drug that is three points poisonous. The drug has a lot of damage to the liver and kidneys. Patients with kidney disease must use the drug reasonably under the guidance of a specialist and receive systemic, distance and scientific treatment as soon as possible.

  Ten bogey medical advice.

Do not trust the rivers and lakes to travel to doctors, lest the illness is not cured, the money is not spent less, and the delay can not be regretted.