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Exercise anytime for a permanent warranty

Exercise anytime for a permanent warranty

The wonderful little cosmic brain is the most sophisticated and developed organ of the human body, Diane.

In Ackerman’s book “Smell Memory and Eros”, he described the brain as being above the body, a complete universe, where trillions of senses, thoughts, and desires are constantly growing.

This small universe is made up of many nerve cells. Neurons are also called “neurons”. There are many interactions around neurons, which are responsible for message transmission and receiving external stimuli.Communication, messaging.

  Doctor, have I used my brain too much?

  Representative of Xiuzhi Liu, General Director of General Department of Neurology, Taipei Rong General, China. “People use the brain too often” is a wrong concept. “The brain will never be used too much, I’m afraid you don’t use it enough.”

“Because of the pressure of work and the annoyance in your heart, if you make your heart irritable, you will feel as if your memory is getting worse. If you suddenly forget about an appointment, you will almost collapse.

  ”It’s as if you can’t hear anything when you’re angry. It’s emotions and stress that affects attention.

“Liu Xiuzhi explained that bad emotions cause a barrier to be built around the brain and prevent the brain from functioning normally. It is best to take a break and release the pressure so that the brain can move again.

  Is it time to build your brain?

  Huang Lihong, chairman of the Chinese Academy of Brainpower Research and Research, said that adult brain cells will not increase, but the use of adult brainpower will have “lateralization” problems, such as right-handedness, image-thinking, etc. As long as it is stimulated, repeated learning, Has the effect of “improving brain power”.

  Huang Lihong takes a person who graduated from middle school as an example. In order to live and become a mechanic who learns about cars, repairing cars focuses on logic and space concepts. The brain needs to write down where and how to put things, how to put pistons, etc.When you write down these things, you don’t have to rely on your education.

After constantly giving information stimulation, the brain’s development in this field becomes better and more active, and it can become a “master” in this field, “So.

There is no time to exercise at any age. ”

Huang Lihong stands out.

  As long as there is no limit to the use of brain power, as long as it is not an abnormal gene, everyone’s brain structure is similar, and the number of neurons is similar. However, through the use of brain methods and training, the stimulation of poly-oligonucleotides has led to a gap in personal intelligence.

In other words, through training and stimulation, the brain’s synapses will increase, and the network will become denser and denser. One of the authors of “Food Consuming the Brain”, Murray.

Waldman can also have such a concept. From the research of nuns in 1990, it seems that the idea that the brain is “smart muscle” is left, that is, the more powerful the brain is, the more the brain uses it.

  Whole-brain thinking keeps the creative source endless. Many people are accustomed to using images or left-brain thinking, which can make people rigid in the long run.

The brain development course in the workshop will train you to think about a theme from multiple aspects such as vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and ethics, and you can do all-around thinking.

  Cai Weizhen, chairman of the Chinese Whole Brain Development and Memory Association and head of the Bermeth Whole Brain Education Institution, likened: “Many people’s right brain is full of bumps, stones, and is in a state where this road is inaccessible. You can use training to stimulate the right brain.The rotation is activated, and you will have more ideas than others.

“Ordinary people can also change the habits of their lives, such as changing their left-handed briefcase, taking another road home, or doing some finger exercises that train left and right brain balance, and give the brain different stimuli, which is the simplest and simplest mental development.law.