But North Korea who do not know the biggest supporters behind Hou Rui Wang is Changning, Changning Hou Mo Zi An accused the rebe广州桑拿网ls, does it mean that the Swiss king with evil?
  But Rui Wang Meng Tingxuan personal father, and now this little Mengting Xuan Huang Sun soon topped ninety-five, and you have to drag in Rui Wang body black spots?That Meng Tingxuan not become a child of the rebels with the stigma, which is too long a life chant?
  Taishi Zhen still shocked confusion, the team immediately in front of the future want to have the new emperor’s courtiers to show his face out of the body, pointing Mok Tze Ann shouted: “Nonsense, Changning Hou how can rebels?I see clearly Yongning Hou good at killing innocent people also attempt to sneak it in, I do not know the motive, not fast to His Majesty, confessing his sin!”
  Although now Mengting Xuan as the only direct descendant of the royal heir is a certainty, but to the official emperor is not so simple.He will hav苏州桑拿网e to go through some cumbersome and complex ritual procedures, took the imperial jade seal until, finally regarded as ancestral worship before the throne ascended the throne as emperor.
  Taishi Zhen see them just as soon as respectfully respectfully Mengting Xuan ‘His Highness’, now Mengting Xuan is not 广州桑拿网qualified to be called ‘Your Majesty’, and even booing the liturgical face despite everything, direct ‘Your Majesty’ shouted on!
  Mo child safety sneer, contend fear authentic: “how is not the rebels?Do you not seen how the Guards kill each other, how the ban Jun Tongling is dead, is not Changning Houfu Allegiance Lee Hong good thing to do it?To put it bluntly they thought the king and the same, but the former king look for a job, but they want mantis in the post, but was seen through my house General!This is the fate of some of them that, your Honors thank my family fishes generals, he is the universe so as not to rotate conspiracy to succeed hero!”
  Mok Tze Ann’s some words are true, just think carefully

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nearby people borrowed, if not a pig, but also We have to clean sweep the vacant farm.

  Go back to the farm, it has been emptied, start from the back room, slowly sweeping flower Xue, no debris, sweep up quickly, grabbed a broom over Xue Lu Jianguo Flower has swept almost, he sighed, “I’m knew you’d come clean up, I say, Lu Yang in relation to stir things pulling people out of the criticism of criticism, do not give them save face, arranged properly, all of them like a bandit-like, is not afraid to lose face.”
  Someone shouted out to pick manure bucket to take the spoon he gues深圳桑拿网sed how it happens, his wife would not let him out, “You’re not the captain, speaking only being hated, we manage yourself, do not do such a shameful thing on the line ‘they did not join in the fun house, only to hear a little movement outside the door, big guy he is seen multiple selfishness is both bring something, a piece of rotten sweet potatoes will be taken away, think of Xue flower man, she must and will not be robbed, finished will clean up the house, so he took a broom to go home, his wife has to go out, he said no.
  ”You do not like to listen to gossip do not blending, lest my heart is not happy.”
  His wife followed him for decades, what character Lu Jianguo clear if he says something, he assured his wife were there, there was a time he went to the farm to help Xue Huahua work, it was said in private that he and Xue flower gossip,北京风月会所 he wife did not say anything, I believe him.
  Living a lifetime with a roof, which is nothing to sow dissension his wife know very well yet.
  Xue flower he asked, “Do you know who brought the head does not?Education does not educate them, I think they will be earthshaking.”
  Do not listen to people who arrange not left him face.
  Xue Flower shook his

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ng little Dana was immediately wanted to call the program group, Tang Tang threw himself on eye grassland Yan Ming little arms, “No, no younger brother!”

  ”I bought a ticket, and millet is a trip to the aircraft, just past together.”
  ”Let him go back.”
  ”I’m still a rookie it, where can you be so playing patience,” Tang Yan Tong will hand out less drawn to the phone aside, then was let go less Yan Ming arm re-sit, “Besides I am a man fly also very boring, and there is talk of who’d better.”
  Ming Yan cold face does not speak less.
  But there is no longer prevented.
  It took a while, Yan Ming little before saying, “I’m worried about you back and forth, the body can not stand.”
  ”I’m still young,” Tang Tang jumped up, she had filming, sometimes ten consecutive days shooting night scenes, sleeping less than four hours a d南宁夜生活网ay, than ever before, now that is not really hard, big deal Zhang posted a while back Eye mask painted point.
  Although young, still have to pay attention to maintenance.
  Yan and Ming has little to say for a moment, then, Tang Tang took a bath upstairs, looking for a very good stay up late to remedy the effect of the mask, carefully threw the stick after a good look for less Yan Ming.
  Her travel time to less Yan Ming Cheng aunt also brought a small gift.
  Ming Yan knocked on the bedroom door less, less Yan Ming opened the door, it was close to being startled mask Tang Siu-tong.
  Helpless two steps back, come let Tang Tang.
  ”What is not to say the young,” Yan Ming suddenly less ridicule Tang Tang, “posted what mask.”
  ”Re young, always staying up late is not good for the skin, dry skin malnutrition, but also to cause rough skin aging, especially in the eyes here,” Speaking of maintenance, Tang Siu-tong completely when the expert, “so the skin does not look at age, conditional it early skin, so younger brother, you still try not to bring work home to go to bed earlier every day, do not stay up late, and have time to do some skin care.”
  Speaking o南宁夜网f w

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r-in-law has been respected, you persuade him and let him do not tell Uncle week weeks aunt set gas.”

  Chapter 301 by house

  Qi Yue Mei to find her first thought was to get her to help her snatch Qiong, no one thought she just asked her to mediate the relationship with his parents Qiong.
  If the former, Qi Yue will certainly flatly refused, but the latter.She pondered and said: “Zhou Qiong and disagreements that either his parents to marry Li Yaping, you want me to persuade you to separate Qiong and Li Yaping?”
  Liu Mei Wuguan handsome, bushy eyebrows brow rose, revealing a British Gas does not have the other girls, she looked at Qi Yue laugh: When “Last night at first to hear the news of their marriage, I did have this idea, but after a night I would a深圳桑拿网lso like to see, I grew up with Qiong acquaintance, but first he likes you, but then like Li Yaping, is that I opened them, nor will he look on me, why should I do this the wicked?”
  Qiong had heard her mention her favorite things, give birth to face the embarrassment of Qi Yue, I want an explanation, but Liu Mei waved: “I know that it’s okay with you, Qiong wishful thinking, so I have never before I thought about finding what you say.”
  Faced with such transparent atmosphere girl, Qi Yue and my heart kind of unspeakable regret, she took her hand to comfort anti said: “You will certainly encounter a person you cherish.”
  Mei eyes revealing a hint of natural astringent, but no more to talk about their own business, but the request again: “I have loved since childhood to play Zhou, Zhou Zhou aunt t very good to me, I do not want them hurt you Qiong help me persuade, not force him to separate from Li Yaping, he mostly just weeks aunt t consider twelve weeks.”
  Faced with this request, Qi Yue can not refuse, he promised to look Qiong talk, but can not guarantee results.
  Mei gratefully said: “Whatever the outcome, I thank you for the week t-aunt week.”
  Qi Yue felt a lot of pressure, after Liu Mei away, all morning thinking about how to persua北京夜网de Qiong, this distraction was reprimanded Dr Wong: “we must work with the at

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ad to smell another way, then I can not do more than enjoy enjoy?On price, Mimi wants you bid.”Sumi hide very well, even with a shallow mouth also smile, so Murong Sheng did not realize that his words have been let Sumi unhappy, and here are still inquisitive.

  ”Murong uncle, if you like to eat the fish, you can go to eat and shop in our family, there is no smell, why must it be prescription?I Niangshui, this recipe is our well-known, and can not tell others ah!”Chengzhi This child put down the chopsticks, arms out to the veil together a clean, serious look at Murong Sheng asked later wiped his mouth.
  ”Yes ah, Murong son, my sister, I do not know a lot of those prescription, but for the wind and the moon that are dead deed, my sister that is not taught!”Zhang Yuyu This 杭州桑拿child also put down the chopsticks, along Chengzhi ‘break up with somebody’ saying Road.
  Murong Sheng face changed, and my heart a little uncomfortable.
  That’s what the identity of the person?Also out with his par and do?
  Although he is a bastard, but over the years, the contribution of the family that is very large, in addition to a direct descendant of the brothers and sisters, no one dared to look at his face in the house, let alone such an insult and a par slaves!
  But Zhang Yuyu but did not realize what was wrong, because in her heart, she LEISURE between Sumi or there is no difference.
  From birth to live in the countryside, Zhang Yuyu status of this dynasty boundaries very clear about it for fear that Bi Sumi did not understand too much, so it would be completely defenseless child to speak up.
  ”Yu Yu Jie, b广州桑拿网ut the breeze moon is just slaves, after this, then do not say it, and inviting a joke!”Murong Sheng looked at ‘calmly’ of Zhang Yuyu Sumi and finally could not help but stand up and walk out.
  Sumi’d know what happened, but she did not intend to Dali, but added Zhang Yuyu entirely innocent face, of course, to see the appearance of Murong Sheng also I know that he is angry, so his face takes on a little panic flawless.
  ”Sis, I was not wrong what the?Murong son how I looked

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Where are you now?”Feng aunt across the phone to ask.

  Feng Kai: “I am in the city of trumpet.”
  Feng Aunt 淡水桑拿hesitated: “Your father happiness in Nanshan nursing home.”
  Feng Kai and Enliaoyisheng, something to the tip of the tongue, but also embarrassed to swallow it back.
  ”You still do that card, I’ll give you some money exchange.”Aunt Feng initiative to open, she never went to see Feng Kai, on the one hand is the husband would not let his son, the other is guilty, but sent me two back money, in which they have a card, send money to facilitate people outside.Slowly and put down this and have not sent a.Now Feng Kai came out, presumably hand tight.
  ”Thank you, Aunt.”Feng Kai relief, he needs money, really short of money.
  Gan is not embarrassed to not a few pleasantries, Feng Kai find an ATM machine, a look from time to time, at eight finally saw the balance of more than five thousand dollars.
  Put before this he was not paying the 北京夜网money to buy a pair of shoes, but now, it is all of his possessions.
  Feng Kai suddenly fiercely afraid at the fa深圳桑拿网ce, to pull away from the kind of self-pity, a thousand dollars out his pockets, looking for a home cheap small hotel, for the time being stay.
  Tao Fang rain of summer vacation pack a box of rice barbecue find their daughter, she is a small city of people, places and rice daughter home to live near.
  ”Little Lele, aunt bought you look at what delicious.”Tao Fang rain holding a delicious roasted corn Xianbao.
  See meters Lele smile teeth missing seam.
  Funny for a moment the child, let him hold his own eating corn, rice Tao Fang Yu asked Lele, home situation.
  Panpan meters and all previous friends have cut off contact, with the exception of only a rain Tao Fang, what would have hide from him, lay it to say, wet eyes

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al of it?”Cheng Yi said.

  ”do not mind!Of course, I do not mind it!”Cheng Nan pre-empt said, and then watching helplessly Gu sleep.
  Gu sleep smiled, did not refuse.
  Author has to say:
  6000 completed.

Chapter 42 housewife counter-attack
  Still a little time away from the dinner, Cheng Cheng North Southern upstairs.
  Gu Cheng Yi sleep to pour a cup of tea, then sat down next to.
  Uttaradit feel completely Gu sleep as a guest, and my heart some subtle discomfort.
  He drink some tea, he said: “I’m afraid you forget, so tell you that, next Saturday is the eightieth birthday grandmother.Our divorce family did not know, so you have to go back to visit with me.”
  Gu sleep slightly stunned for a moment, “Gu sleep” mind memories of Uttaradit grandmother immediately jumped out, Uttaradit grandmoth深圳桑拿网er is really like, “Gu sleep”, and “Gu sleep” pregnancy, Uttaradit my mother out of it high price tag so she went to knock down the belly of the child, but also the grandmother insisted Paul Cheng under the North.
  Therefore, the “sleep care” has been very grateful grandmother Uttaradit, but also very filial grandmother, regardless of holidays or just not taken seriously variety of small festivals, she would call back, but also bring a variety of gifts, so Uttaradit also hurt her grandmother.
  Coupled with this is the grandmother’s eightieth birthday Uttaradit.
  ”okay, I get it.”Gu sleep promise down:” I will go.”
  Before this day, I sleep all care to remind him, and now it is his turn to remind the care of sleep.
  Uttaradit mixed feelings.
  The time to eat, sleep Gu Cheng Yi looked sitting there, waiting for her journey north to south夜网论坛 Cheng Sheng Fan.
  ”Appropriate to do housework good for them, so after not even take care of themselv天津夜网es.”Gu Cheng Yi Mian see some strange exp

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  After that is made before the heat should only see two sleep better, have not read the book may hurt good.
  Qi Father is the more they want to sink, like a whole person fell into the Bingku, bursts of cold.
  That night no one sleep, the next day near noon, Qi Dahai was back, accompanied by a long road six of the White Cloud Temple, White Cloud Temple quite some way from Sam Ka, nocturnal inconvenience, and therefore arrived at noon.The lead track length was fifty up and down, hair is white, the figure who trained a long road called Wenyu.
  A北京夜网fter a night, Qi Jia yard vegetation withered overnight.
  Livestock huddled lingers.
  Owl Jie Jie doing all.
  Wenyu Road to see the extent of long, Sam Ka Tsuen villagers in case of savior that some are timid yesterday defected to other relatives went to the village, visible panic.
  The six road long line of comparable wind has much pomp, the practice of fasting ritual chanting, Wenyu long road suddenly his eyes wide open, shot naked, after Taomu Jian Qi dispensation directed at the crowd: “bold evildoer, underworld wait, Ann dare attached Yang intercropping to personal chaos.”
  Crowd hum is heard bombing of the pot.
  Qi Jinglun stupid to live, transfixed, for a moment cried out: “You are evildoer, what nonsense you a liar!”
  Righteousness of Wenyu waving a wooden sword provoke Fu Zhi, Fu Zhi no fire self-immolation.Weny广州桑拿u stabbing Qi and ability, it reads: “Cave Hui pay Toru, five Qi steaming.Gold is now the speed of light, covered care live.急急如律令.”
  Qi Jinglun mind went blank, resulting from two decades of martial art system at the moment to play a role in the brain faster than the body move, a flexible Qi and ability to dodge sideways.
  Wenyu turned tip, shouted: “dirty fierce dissipated, always keep track Qi.急急如律

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g Tang assured he wants to use to replace her.

  Well, it appears that holding Tang Tong thing is a fake, but it is true change Yan Yan, producer insistent forest director, “I heard them say that you and Yan Yan had a little altercation, in the end is not event, a little girl that you care about them and why, and you know I have always been cooperative Yaxing President Chen, you come to such a good and I do not his account.Yaxing now and we want to litigate, it is not a small amount of compensation down, you ey深圳桑拿网e, close one eye, also two or three months, and so played out of sight out of mind.”
  ”Two or three months?”
  Director Lin sneer,”There Yan Yan in a year are shot finish.”
  ”This is where I can do,” producer laughed, “Yan Yan is a good notoriously play, fast, or else I would not have had a direct point she is right.”
北京会所体验网  Speaking of this, I’m the director more to gas.
  Lin did not want the director and producer of the dispute, the vice director of the direct phone to send something over.
  Tell, in addition to Yan Yan seen acting, nobody believed Yan Yan acting is poor, since it can not tell, then let the producer directly to see.
  Producer director also when the forest was finally moved, he said, the results did not come for a while, deputy director holding a notebook, fiddle for a while, opening a video to him.
  ”look by youself.”
  Producer director Lin looked at, his eyes fell on the notebook.
  This is a time of filming Tang Siu-tong long shot.
  Producers do not understand why give him a shot Tang Tang, Tang Siu-tong but not makeup is not changing, but the point since it has been opened, then it out.
  But watching it found something wrong.
 北京养生会所 Tang Tang speech, not Ji infants story?
  If nothing else, played really good.
  On a few minutes, the producer found himself completely ignores the Tang Siu-tong of modern equipment, immersion into the story in.
  But I watched, did not, it is a lens Yan Yan.
  Yan Yan clothes, makeup are complete, Tang Tang did not just play dr

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鍊欒嫍灏忎紵涔熷嚭闀滐紝绔欏湪鍫嗙Н鎴愬北鐨勬潗鏂欏拰鏈哄櫒銆佸伐浜轰翰鍒囧湴鍚堝奖銆傝嫍鐖惰嫍姣嶉兘蹇€€浼戠殑浜轰簡锛岃嚜鐒惰鲸涓嶅嚭杩欐槸p鍑烘潵鐨勶紝淇′互涓虹湡Factor……And final pri北京桑拿cing, lightning array of not less than one million Lingshi, gentlemen, please also do what.”

  Luoxue reminder, do not listen to these people, even after all that lightning array can only use four or five times, but also enough four or five monks crossing the robbery, that was crossing the robbery will ever guy, life insurance stuff, each door who were not about to crossing the robbery of one or two large or promising younger generation can do?This may not buy, ah, ah have to buy Zaguomaitie……
  Of course, even with, Luoxue that the “Trick principle” has not been forgotten, were quickly snapped up, back to the sixties and seventies Scoop also began with one, is just selling books, which all of a sudden It has sold more than 200,000 of Lingshi.
  This one “Trick principle”, Luo Xue put them in writing must change their old hackneyed idea, as long as they take advantage of this fanaticism lightning array, we can allow them to accept new things, Ye Hao is Luoxue a basis for follow-up action to fight……
  But Luoxue never thought of, until after she returned to the Glass Pavilion to hear the disciples to report, said that Zi Yan fairy sent two million Lingshi glass gave the elders, elders want to accept my gift, by the way, and even made a her 淡水桑拿网sword.
  Wait until Luoxue the sword opened, almost hand flick, almost fell to the sword –
  This special is not that what the more one thousand wind kun wu sword Mody???
  Author has to say: bald Manuscripts lost seven thousand word TAT, we would have had a better, put tomorrow, slowly fill up

Chapter 160 Section chiefs Cultivation daily life twenty-two (Combo)
  After Luoxue in a dream to become a small bird, seen countless times this sword, the more one thousand regardless of wind will do anything with Kun Wu sword, even with Luoxue also very familiar with this sword, seven hundred years ago hard-edged sword of the common people scared kun wu sword, now lying among the scabbard, quietly, even surfaces are covered

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